How long will it take for an external transfer to take place?

External transfers are generally completed on the 2nd business day following the submission date. (i.e. If you request the external transfer on Monday, your transaction should be completed by Wednesday.)

When do the limits for external transfers reset?

External transfer limits are reset on the first day of every month.

Where can I find the transaction limits for external transfers?

The transaction limits for external transfers can be found inside the Online Banking system at the bottom of the “Transfers” page.

How do I verify the External Account?

Access your external account and write down the two micro deposit amounts. Return to your Heartland Bank Online Banking and click the Transfer > Recipients tab to view the Manage Recipients page. Click the “verify” link next to the external account you wish to verify. Enter the two micro deposit amounts in the “Amounts” fields and click the “Verify” button. If the correct amounts are entered, the external account will change to a verified status. If the amounts are incorrect, Online Banking will display a message and require you to repeat the verification steps. Note: You are allowed a maximum of 3 verification attempts.

You have 7 calendar days to complete the verification process.

When will the micro deposits appear in the external account?

The micro deposits will appear in your external account a couple of business days after the external account is set up in Online Banking.

Is there a fee to send external transfers?

There is no fee for retail customers to transfer funds to/from an external account. Business customers will be charged a $5.00 per transfer fee when transferring funds to/from an external account.

How do I add an external account?

In Online Banking under the Transfer > Recipients menu, click the Add a Recipient button.
Click the button next to An account at Another Bank or Credit Union then click Next.
Accept the Terms & Conditions disclaimer by clicking Agree.
Read the An Account at Another Bank message box explaining the micro deposit process then click Continue.
Enter the information for each required * field and check the box next to the option(s) you want, then click Create.

Do I have to enroll in mobile banking to receive the OTP in a text message?

  No, but you must enter your cell phone number during the OTP enrollment process to receive the OTP in a text message.

What is One-Time Pin (OTP)?

One-Time Pin (OTP) is a layer of security to protect your account and mitigate any potential financial loss by fraud. You are required to enroll in OTP the first time you login. Every time you submit an external transfer request, you will be required to get an OTP to complete the transaction. The OTP can be sent as an automated call, text messages or email. 

What are Micro Deposits?

Micro Deposits are automated processes used to verify external account transfer capabilities for a retail customer. These external accounts are verified by an initial transfer of two small “micro” deposit amounts over two or three days. This process allows the customer to add external accounts safely without having to contact the Financial Institution directly.