Business Additional Products and Services

Products and services for business banking

As a Heartland Bank Business client, we understand that time management is crucial to your success and financial needs are not always easy to anticipate. You might not even know what you need – but we do!

Wire Transfers, Safe Deposit Boxes, Cashier’s Checks, Notary Services, Night Depository and Benefits for your Employees are services and products we offer to complete your financial package. We are committed to products and services to boost your time management potential - ready for you when you are ready for them!

When time matters – send money fast and know that it is secure, often with the same day service

If your hours do not match our hours, night depositories are available at all of our branch locations

When you want to protect valuables and an off-site location is your choice - privacy and security with the power of bank vault security

Our way of thanking you for your business – perks for your employees as we value your business the same as we value our business

When you need a guaranteed check and a business check is not acceptable, our Cashier’s checks are easy to acquire and offer additional security

Do you need that official stamp and seal on a document? We offer Notary Public Services for a variety of situations