Travel Notification

Let us know when and where

A travel notification is for your protection and ours. The security features on your account could cause your card to be blocked if unusual activity or use is happening in out-of-the-ordinary locations. So, let us know before you go!

Also, check out our Helpful Hints for before and during your travel:

  • Please submit your request through our Online Form below at least 48 hours prior to your travel plans to allow time for processing
  • Enroll in CardValet - through this mobile app, you will be able to monitor your credit/debit card activity, establish location parameters and dollar thresholds
  • Having multiple forms of payment is highly recommended - if one form of payment is compromised, you will have a back-up which should include cash
  • Not all retail establishments offer the choice of debit; therefore, a CREDIT CARD is suggested as an alternate form of payment

Questions, please contact us!

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