What if I have questions about my Visa chip card?

Please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-697-0049.

What if I go to a merchant but they have not yet installed chip enabled terminals?

That's OK. You will still be able to use your chip card as you do today where chip-enabled terminals are not yet installed.

Is an EMV card the same thing as a chip card?

Yes. Chip cards are commonly referred to as EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) cards, smart cards and chip and pin cards.

Do I need a Pin to make a purchase with my debit card?

Heartland Bank does not require you to use a pin with your debit card purchase; however, the merchant could make it a requirement. If you do not know your pin, please call us at 800-697-0049 and we will assist you with obtaining your pin.

Do I need a PIN to make a purchase with my credit card? What is Chip & Signature and Chip & PIN?

No. You have a Chip & Signature card, so you should not need a PIN to make purchases with your credit card. The term 'PIN' or 'Signature' simply refers to how you will authorize the transaction - by entering a PIN or by providing your signature. When using your Heartland Bank VISA chip credit card, you'll be prompted for a signature to complete the transactions.

Are chip cards more secure?

Yes. The chip generates a unique, one-time code each time you 'dip' your Heartland Bank Visa card at a chip-enabled terminal - this typically takes about 10 seconds. Chip card technology is already used in other countries around the world. It's been reported that chip cards and chip enabled terminals are expected to reduce debit card and credit card fraud by as much as 40%.

How do I make a Heartland Bank credit card payment?

You can pay your Heartland Bank credit card online or by mailing the payment to the following address:
P.O. Box 2711
Omaha, NE 68103-2711

How can I enroll my credit card in online access?

Enroll your personal credit card for Online Access by visiting our homepage and clicking the arrow in the Login Box to reveal the drop-down menu. Click Credit Cards and then click Submit. You will then choose “Personal” from the notification window. When the “Customer login” screen appears, click on the last option to “Register for online access.” Follow the prompts and be prepared to have your credit card number, last four digits of your social security number and zip code for completion.

To enroll your Business credit card for Online Access, we ask that you contact us.  Once your company is enrolled, your employees should reach out to your Program Administrator to request an email invitation with enrollment instructions.

How do I view my account activity online?

To view your statement online, simply visit our homepage and click the arrow in the Login Box to reveal the drop-down menu. Click Credit Cards and then click Submit. You will then choose either “Personal” or “Business” from the notification window.  After clicking, follow the prompts to log in. From the Account Home screen, view the menu, make selections, review the notice bars and/or scroll down for additional options.

Can I pay my Heartland Bank personal credit card bill online?

To pay your credit card bill online, simply log into your online banking account. Click on "Services" then "View Credit Card" to access your credit card online. From there, click on your card account and then click "Make a payment" and follow the onscreen prompts to complete your payment.

Does the Heartland Bank credit card offer rewards points?

Yes. UChoose Rewards® allows you to earn rewards for every net retail purchase you make with your Heartland Bank Visa consumer credit card. Brand-name merchandise, concert tickets and travel awards are available as your rewards accumulate. Access your uChoose information through your online banking account.