When will I receive checks for my new account?

If you requested checks when opening your account, you will receive your checks 10-14 days after your account opening is finalized and the check order is placed.

How do I re-order checks?

New checks can be re-ordered by calling or visiting your local branch, calling Client Services or through Online Banking.  If using Online Banking, click on the "Services" tab from the Menu on the left, then choose "Check Reorder" from the list. Check mark the account that you would like to order checks for and follow the instructions.

What is Heartland Bank's ABA Routing Number?

Heartland Bank's Routing number is 044109336. 

How can I see copies of checks that I’ve written?

You may view check images anytime through Online Banking.  To view a check that has cleared in the last 12 months, go to your account listings in Online Banking. Click on the account that has the check you want to view. Find the check in the description list, and click on the check number. Details and a picture will populate below the entry. Click again on the check number, and this information will collapse.

How can I request a stop payment?

If you’re enrolled in Online Banking, you can simply log in and click “Other Services” in the blue bar, then “Stop Payment” which brings you to an online request stop payment form. You can also request a stop payment by calling one of our local branches and speaking to any Heartland Bank associate.