Do my uChoose points expire?

If you have points set to expire, these points will be reflected on your account 90 days before the expiration date.

How do I make a Heartland Bank credit card payment?

You can pay your Heartland Bank credit card online or by mailing the payment to the following address:
P.O. Box 2711
Omaha, NE 68103-2711

What if I find a suspicious transaction on my monthly statement?

To dispute suspicious items on your credit card, please call the Customer Service telephone number on the back of your card, 1-844-267-2744. Any other questions can be directed to the Heartland Bank Client Services department at 1-800- 697-0049 during normal business hours.

How can I enroll my credit card in online access?

Enroll your personal credit card for Online Access by visiting our homepage and clicking the arrow in the Login Box to reveal the drop-down menu. Click Credit Cards and then click Submit. You will then choose “Personal” from the notification window. When the “Customer login” screen appears, click on the last option to “Register for online access.” Follow the prompts and be prepared to have your credit card number, last four digits of your social security number and zip code for completion.

To enroll your Business credit card for Online Access, we ask that you contact us.  Once your company is enrolled, your employees should reach out to your Program Administrator to request an email invitation with enrollment instructions.

How do I view my account activity online?

To view your statement online, simply visit our homepage and click the arrow in the Login Box to reveal the drop-down menu. Click Credit Cards and then click Submit. You will then choose either “Personal” or “Business” from the notification window.  After clicking, follow the prompts to log in. From the Account Home screen, view the menu, make selections, review the notice bars and/or scroll down for additional options.

Can I pay my Heartland Bank personal credit card bill online?

To pay your credit card bill online, simply log into your online banking account. Click on "Services" then "View Credit Card" to access your credit card online. From there, click on your card account and then click "Make a payment" and follow the onscreen prompts to complete your payment.

Does the Heartland Bank credit card offer rewards points?

Yes. UChoose Rewards® allows you to earn rewards for every net retail purchase you make with your Heartland Bank Visa consumer credit card. Brand-name merchandise, concert tickets and travel awards are available as your rewards accumulate. Access your uChoose information through your online banking account.

How can I register for the new rewards program for my credit card?

To register for rewards, you must register the card by logging into your account online and clicking on the uChoose icon to complete the registration.

Is there a cost or fee to participate in the uChoose Rewards program?

No. The uChoose Rewards program is free.

How do I earn points in the uChoose Rewards program?

You can earn points at a rate of 1 point per $1 spent, and the rewards are listed on the uChoose Rewards site. Through this site, you have the ability to receive statement credit in addition to redeeming points for gift cards, tickets and merchandise. You can also earn additional points through making purchases with featured retailers listed on the uChoose rewards site.

Where can I view my total uChoose Rewards points?

Once you register through the rewards site, points will be listed on the uChoose rewards site. You can gain access through your credit card online banking by clicking on the uChoose Rewards icon in the lower left portion of your account page or directly through

How long are uChoose points valid for?

Points are valid for three years from the date earned.

Do I need to re-register on the uChoose website each time I receive a new card number?

Yes, for the uChoose website only, you will need to re-register each time you receive a new card number. This doesn’t apply to new cards issued with the same card account number.

Do I use the same login credentials in the uChoose mobile app that I set on the website?


Why are uChoose rewards not showing in my online banking?

You must first enroll in the uChoose rewards program before points will show up.

Can I combine uChoose points from multiple Heartland Bank credit cards?

Yes, to combine points, access ypur uChoose account through online banking. Click on your profile in the upper right hand corner, then click link account.

How can I find out when my uChoose points will expire?

If you have points set to expire, these points will be indicated on the site 90 days before the expiration date.

How many uChoose Rewards points do I earn for transactions?

You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on your personal credit card.

Have uChoose Rewards points been accumulating even if I did not register right away?

Yes, points are earned immediately, but will not show up until you have registered through the rewards site.

Where do I call to inquire about uChoose Rewards points?

You can inquire about your point balance through Client Services 800-697-0049, but you must redeem directly through the uChoose rewards website.

How can I redeem uChoose Rewards points?

You will need to create a login on the uChoose rewards site to redeem points for merchandise or statement credits.

What are the minimum thresholds for point redemptions in the uChoose Rewards program?

You can redeem points for a 1% statement credit beginning at 2500 points (Example 2500 points will be $25 in statement credit). You can begin redeeming points for catalog credit at 1000 points, or $10 in value.

How long does it take for my earned uChoose Rewards points to appear on my account?

Once a transaction is settled by the merchant, the points earned from the transaction will be available on the first business day of the following month.

What happens to my uChoose Rewards points in the event that my card is lost or stolen?

If your card has been lost or stolen, you will be issued a replacement card and your points will be automatically transferred to your new card. Once you receive your new card, you will have to re-register your new card in uChoose Rewards site.

How do I report a lost or stolen credit card?

Please call 844-267-2744.

How does Heartland protect my personal account information?

Working with Visa, Heartland Bank offers consumers multiple layers of security for protection against fraud. Please review your monthly and/or online statement carefully and contact us immediately if you see any suspicious activity.   We also offer a free mobile app through Card Valet that allows you to set real-time alerts, control card usage and make your card inactive on demand to help you monitor your card activity.

After a card breach, should I cancel my card?

If we are notified that your card may have been compromised, Heartland Bank may reissue your card to you automatically. It is important to monitor your account activity and report any suspicious activity immediately. If you would like to have your card reissued for peace of mind, you may do so by calling 1-800-697-0049.

Does CardValet work on Android phones and iPhones?

Yes. CardValet works with the most recent mobile operating software as well as two past generations of Android and iPhone devices.

Does CardValet reflect the card status?

Yes, the Card Details screen displays the Card Status.

Does CardValet work for ATM cards?

No, CardValet currently supports debit and credit cards.

How long does the CardValet app stay logged in if I don’t log out?

The app automatically logs you off in 10 minutes.

How will my name appear on the card within the CardValet app?

Names are displayed as your last name then first name (e.g. SMITH JOHN.)

What does password reset token mean within the CardValet app?

Heartland Bank does not use tokens, so when you request a reset, you will receive an email with a temporary password.

Within CardValet, why are the withdrawal and purchase limits not displayed in the Card Details screen?

We are currently not able to display these fields.

As part of the registration, CardValet may ask you to enter the amount of a Pin-based transaction from the past 72 hours. What if I didn't make a PIN'd transaction? What if I simply signed?

In the event that you do not have an email or SSN on your cardholder record, you will be requested to perform a PIN-based transaction. The amount entered is compared to your historical transaction data. The PIN-based transaction may be performed at an ATM or by making a purchase.

Can multiple cards be linked to one registered CardValet account?

Yes, you can register multiple cards within a single CardValet app. Additional cards can be added within the “Manage Portfolio - Add Card” screen. Only the standard Heartland Bank card design will appear.

How many cards can I register within a single CardValet application?

There is no limit.

If I (as a parent) register a card for my child, what stops my child from changing the CardValet controls placed on the card?

Each person who registers a card will have access to controls and alerts for the card. In many cases, the child will not know about CardValet unless you share the information.

If I have two cards from different financial institutions that support CardValet, can I register both cards with CardValet?

You must create a unique login account for each financial institution. Each login account is applicable for a single financial institution. On the login page, the logo of the last logged-in financial institution appears.

On CardValet, if my address is longer than 20 characters – what should be entered?

You should enter the first 20 characters of the street address.

What are the CardValet password requirements?

CardValet passwords must be at least eight (8) characters in length and must contain at least: one (1) upper case character, one (1) lower case character, one (1) number and one (1) special character.

When I receive a reissued or replacement card, will I need to update my cards within the CardValet application?

Yes. If the card number is new, then you must “add” the new card number to your profile. In addition, you may delete the old card by accessing Settings > Manage Portfolio.

When loading more than one card within the CardValet app on a device, what type of information do I need in order to register each card?

You need to enter the same level of detail entered for the original card. This information generally includes the card number, address, ZIP code, expiration date, and CVV/CVC code. Secondary authentication includes: security token sent in an email, last 4 digits of your social security number, or a PIN’d transaction amount performed in the past 72 hours. Multiple individuals can register the same card as long as you know the card details. Typical examples of multiple individuals registering one card include: parents and dependents; spouses; and employers/employees.

I can download a card on multiple devices in CardValet, but I'm asked which device is "primary." Why assign a primary device? Can I make changes to the settings from the non-primary devices?

The primary device is used to track the GPS for “My Location” alerts and controls and all merchant and threshold alerts will be sent to the primary device. All devices that have registered a particular card can view or change the CardValet settings for that card. Controls (including the “On/Off” setting) are set at the card level, so the last update to a control will be honored regardless of which phone was used to make the change. Alerts are set at the device level, so each primary device will receive alerts that were set up from that particular device. The primary device can be re-set by accessing “Settings - Primary Device.”

A region has been set on the map in my CardValet app. Does this mean my card can only be used exactly in this region?

The region shows the approximate area where the card can be used. CardValet can typically map the transaction down to a zip code or city. If the city or zip code of the merchant overlaps with the selected region in the map, then the transaction can still go through. There are instances where a merchant location cannot be mapped down to a zip code or city, in which case CardValet will default to a state-level match.

Are CardValet alerts sent as email or “push” notifications to my device?

CardValet alerts are sent as push notifications to your phone. The alerts also display under “Messages” in the CardValet app.

Can I turn on My Location for a dependent’s card in CardValet? How will it work?

My Location is only effective for the enrolled user. To limit your dependent’s card, you can use the Region feature to set usage preferences for where the card can be used. Set location preference to “Region” in the drop down menu, then “Add” a “New Region” to set the map to the area where the card may be used.

Using CardValet, can I block all international transactions?

Yes. International transactions can be blocked using the “International” location control. Transactions will be limited to the United States.

How are controls established for various merchant types in my CardValet app?

Specific merchant types have been created within CardValet, and these merchant types can be used for controls or alerts via the “Alert Preferences” or “Control Preferences” screen. Each of the merchant types contains various merchant category codes (MCC). Please note that it is possible for a retailer to forward a MCC that may differ from the CardValet merchant type classification. Merchant types currently supported include: Department Store; Entertainment; Gas Station; Grocery; Household; Personal Care; Restaurant; Travel; and Others.

Can I turn the low balance alert off in CardValet?

The low balance alert is controlled on a cardholder level. It cannot be turned off by client/card prefix.

For CardValet, how do I turn off notifications at certain times such as when I am sleeping?

You can set the “Do Not Disturb” time that will suppress notifications during the set times. Some notifications will still be delivered, for example any transaction denial or any transaction that is a card-present authorization.

How long does it take for a control or alert setting to take effect in CardValet?

Control settings take effect as soon as the “Updating information” message in the app stops.

In CardValet, if I set multiple alerts and a transaction violates these alerts, will I receive a separate message for each alert?

No, the alerts are consolidated into one message. For example, if the message has violated “Threshold” and Location settings, then you will see only one alert and not multiple alerts.

If My Location is set in CardValet, but the primary device is off, will transactions be denied outside of the “My Location” area?

CardValet ignores location information that is more than one (1) hour old. So, if your phone is off for more than an hour, My Location controls will not take effect, and the transaction will not be denied on the basis of the old location information.

If I set an alert for international transactions in CardValet and no controls are set, will I get alerts for international transactions regardless of whether the transaction is blocked or successful?

Yes, an alert is generated regardless of whether or not a control preference is set.

What exactly is the range of the “My Location?” controls in CardValet, and will this control setting impact internet transactions?

The My Location controls and alerts will check to ensure the merchant location is within a five (5) mile radius of the device set as “primary” within CardValet. These controls impact “card present” transactions only, therefore internet transactions are not impacted.

Regarding CardValet, what happens if My Location is set but the phone is left at home? Will transactions be denied outside the My Location area?

CardValet performs a proximity check at the granularity of zip code or city, so if the merchant is close to home, the transactions will still go through.

When is a low balance alert generated in CardValet?

CardValet updates the balance under two conditions: (a) when you log into CardValet and (b) when you tap “Refresh.” Even if the balance has fallen below the threshold that you set, it is only updated when you log into the app or tap “Refresh,” which then triggers the alert.

Will location controls, merchant controls, threshold controls, and turning the card “Off” impact previously authorized recurring transactions in CardValet?

Previously authorized recurrent payments will continue to process and will bypass the CardValet edit checks.

A threshold limit of $50 has been set in my CardValet app and now I can’t fill gas in some stations. Why?

There are some merchant types where a merchant will pre-authorize the card for an amount that may be larger than the actual transaction amount. In this instance, the pre-authorization amount must meet the threshold spend limit.

A threshold limit of $50 has been set in my CardValet app, but I can fill gas in some stations for more than $50. Why?

CardValet controls are only invoked during authorization of a transaction. In some cases, such as Gas Stations, a card may be tested for validity by doing a $1 pre-authorization, and the actual transaction amount is charged to the card after the transaction. Some gas stations will pre-authorize for a maximum amount, e.g. $126, and some gas stations will check validating, e.g. $1. In the latter case, the actual transaction amount may exceed the limit, while in the former case, an authorization may be denied.

Does the CardValet app show recent transaction history?

Yes, the app shows the last 50 card-based transactions posted within the last 30 days.

What type of transactions display in CardValet?

CardValet only shows the transactions that are performed with your card. It does not show the transactions that are done on the account without using your card, such as teller transactions or bill pay on an account.

Why are balance inquiry transactions generated when I log on to the CardValet app?

When you log on to the CardValet app, a Balance Inquiry transaction is performed to retrieve and display the balance. A balance inquiry is performed on every account listed in the cardholder record. The app will not initiate more than one balance inquiry within 30 minutes even if you press the Refresh button.

Will the balance be updated to include teller transactions in my CardValet app?

Your balance will be updated to reflect teller transactions if the account processor supplies the updated balance. The balance is updated the next time you log into CardValet.