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When Life Changes – Relationships Matter

When Life Changes – Relationships Matter

Sunday, March 31, 2013/Categories: Customer Stories, Products & Services, Website

bill pay When you talk to Hinda Mitchell about Heartland Bank, she has a story to tell. Building trust and relationships is what she does in her professional position with CMA, a communications firm, and what she looked for and has found with her bank. Hinda first came to Heartland for the location – convenience and access – and stayed because of the people and service. When she has a question or a concern, she can get it addressed by real people right there at her local bank. If she calls customer service, the people who answer the phone are here in Central Ohio, not far away.

As many of us travel down life’s highway, sometimes our life changes unexpectedly. The relationships you build along the way are the ones that are there when you need them to give you support and advice. When Hinda’s marriage ended, her financial situation needed an overhaul. She was able to stay in her home, which was really important to her, but needed to refinance. She met with Ben Babcanec, VP, Retail Sales Manager, and stated, “Ben was awesome in answering all my questions – even the ridiculous ones – and steering me through the process. We were able to do all of the meetings and all of the preparations right at my bank – that made things so much easier.”

Using online bill payHinda decided to set up all her own banking and learn about online bill pay. This was the first time in 20 years that she was paying her own bills. She found the process simple, from setting up the accounts and arranging for auto-payments, to transferring money and checking her balance. Her kids also have accounts at Heartland, and she can see online what is happening with their accounts, as well. Her daughter feels comfortable going to the bank because they recognize her when she comes to deposit her paycheck.

“It really matters to me that Heartland is involved in the Gahanna community where we live. I see bank employees at the gym, at the store, and in my own neighborhood. Our church youth group has helped put up Christmas lights at the bank in exchange for contributions to their mission work.”

Hinda is Vice President of CMA and manages the Columbus, Ohio office. CMA is a communications consulting firm headquartered in Kansas City. The firm focuses primarily on work within today’s food system – providing counsel to farms, food companies, restaurants, retailers, trade associations, and state and national commodity organizations. CMA will celebrate the third anniversary of their Ohio office in March and are very proud to have established such a good base in Ohio.

CMA focuses on helping their clients build trust with their stakeholders. That starts with establishing honest relationships and sharing similar values. Heartland Bank does that for Hinda. Talking about her relationship, Hinda stated, “I was confident enough in Heartland’s ability to deliver on what they promised that I referred them to one of my clients for their commercial business. That’s something I’m always hesitant to do, but in this case I was confident in my recommendation. I think it’s become a successful relationship for the business and the bank.”

To Hinda, “Heartland feels like the banks I grew up with and visited with my parents except they haven’t given me a toaster yet. But it’s not old-fashioned, except in its values. All the technologies I need; online banking, mobile banking, ATMs, and more are available to me.”

Open an account onlineHeartland has been helping many clients like Hinda over the years. One of the advantages of a community bank is that we are able to get to know our clients and understand their unique financial situations. Heartland has been doing community banking for over 100 years and plans to be here for the next 100 years to serve future generations. If you're not yet banking at Heartland Bank, stop by our Online Account Center and you can get an account started today!