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What is Treasury Management?

What is Treasury Management?

Monday, February 12, 2024/Categories: Home Page Story

If you own a business, managing your finances is a priority. Many businesses are large enough to have associates and tools in-house to accomplish this, but if you’re a smaller, mom-and-pop or start-up, do you know that Heartland has help for you?

At Heartland, you have access to Treasury Management experts that get to know you and your business – it’s their job. “First, we ask questions about their business. We make sure to understand how they get paid and how they pay others. We ask them to share with us what is important in building a financial partnership,” said Nancy Matney, Director of Treasury Management and Client Services.

Heartland’s Treasury Management team can help you manage the financial world of your business. Their services include basic banking products, deposit services, loans to help your business grow and group banking. Not sure if this is for you? Let’s explore…

Analyze Your Cash Flow

You operate a business to receive payment from customers. It is the basic principle behind how we live and work. Is it easy for your clients to pay you? Do you take advantage of the digital tools that are now available? Treasury Management can give you options.

Another consideration would be to understand how you can put your cash balances to work for you without disrupting your business’s routines or causing undue worry. With so many other concerns on your plate, Treasury Management experts can be your partners for understanding what is available then guiding you to your goals.

Analyze Your Cash Outflows

Payroll, vendors, utilities, rent – these are just a few of your monthly payments. Do you struggle to meet your monthly obligations?

This is where Treasury Management solutions are extremely beneficial because your reputation is at stake. Reputational risk is not only important regarding product or service quality, but you will also be judged by late payments, payroll issues and/or lack of ability to purchase quality materials and supplies. Our team will work with you to structure your products and services to keep you looking and performing your best.

Establish Your Strategic Parameters

If financial freedom is your goal, getting there can be as easy as asking the right questions of the right people. Bankers on Heartland Bank’s Treasury Management team assist with structuring your services to meet your expectations while allowing you flexibility for unforeseen circumstances.

Did your liquidity take a turn for the worse? Do you have times of the year where you struggle to manage your inflows and outflows? With loans and lines of credit, liquidity management can be at your fingertips.

Consider Your Cash Options

If your financial position changes often, your most crucial question could be how to manage your cash in the most optimal way. Banking professionals can tell you if you are on the right track – don’t be afraid to reach out and simply share a snapshot of your business’s balance sheet information.

Do you have a banker? If you don’t have that go-to person at your bank, maybe it’s time to switch banks and develop a long-term relationship with a treasury management professional.

Use Your Resources

With financial fraud of all sorts on the rise, watch your balances, set alerts and be informed. As banks and individuals are diligently trying to safeguard their information, criminals are working just as hard to access it and keep ahead of the learning curve. The services your bank offers can set you up for success and help keep the criminals out.

Security is a hot topic when Treasury Management meets with a new client. According to Nancy, “We discuss Heartland’s Positive Pay feature. We also discuss security measures around setting up online users and encourage that everyone has their own log in. For some services, we use dual authorization - meaning one person drafts a request and someone else approves it prior to a transaction being sent.” 

Do you still have questions?

Your banking world is more than likely as complex as the real world. Heartland Bank can make your world more manageable and worry-free. Why take on the world alone? Check out our Treasury Management pages for more information or stop into any one of our branch locations and talk to our bankers in person!