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Nice to Meet You, Mike Amerine!

Nice to Meet You, Mike Amerine!

Wednesday, March 13, 2024/Categories: Employee Spotlight

With the Great Resignation waning, will a “great stay” take its place? As associates in all disciplines evaluate their own particular circumstances, Mike Amerine knows where his dedication has been for several years and where it will be for the foreseeable future…Heartland Bank!

“My first job at Heartland Bank was in 2009 when I was hired in as, effectively, the Small Business Administration department. That was a fantastic way to learn the nuts and bolts of Commercial Lending. I was then a traditional loan processor before helping to create a position which would be known as the Relationship Coordinator/Portfolio Manager role that has become incredibly impactful and important to our current operating rhythms,” shared Mike.

Now a Commercial Relationship Manager and Loan Officer, Mike’s passion for community banking allowed him to progress not only in his career aspirations at Heartland, but also reap lasting rewards by witnessing community progress. According to Mike, “Bob Halley, the first commercial lender that Heartland Bank had who was instrumental in my introduction to the bank once told me: If you do this job long enough, you’ll get to see how you’ve changed the city! After 15 years in the commercial lending arena, I get to see the tangible impact that I and the bank have had in Central Ohio. It’s always a thrill to see projects come to fruition which change the skyline and connect people, organizations and individuals, and which create jobs and opportunities that continue to make Columbus a more and more attractive place to live - and now the fastest growing city in the country!”


Mike is responsible for business development, risk management and portfolio administration while also being a brand ambassador. He is on the frontlines for community prosperity as he tackles his professional obligations and is proud to represent Heartland Bank on this journey. “Because the narrative matters, and although the numbers still must work, we actually care about and consider the story - the people behind the businesses that we lend to. Because ultimately, we do business with people, not companies. We invest in our communities, not the markets. The deposits we hold are redeployed to OUR communities through loans to grow businesses and build homes. Finally, our clients get to meet, face to face, the team of folks who have a vested interest in their success. When our clients succeed, we succeed,” added Mike as he explained why a customer would gravitate toward Heartland over other banks.


“Mike lives and breathes Heartland Bank through his dedication and loyalty. In his role as a Commercial Relationship Manager, he shows the constant drive to develop, learn and evolve as a banker. His compassion, commitment and drive to succeed is what makes him an asset to the bank,” said Lisa Tsen, SVP, Commercial Relationship Manager Team Lead.


Grateful for career success and admirable professional development, Mike is an inspiration to those entering the banking industry. “Don’t be bashful about your aspirations and be an advocate for yourself. But at the same time, understand that development can take time, and there’s no substitute for experience. With that attitude, banking can be a rewarding career with a lifetime of improvement and growth. You never stop leaning in this field!”


Born in Columbus, Ohio, Mike moved to TSUN (that state up north) when he was in 2nd grade. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a major in finance and a minor in economics. “Currently, I live in the Franklin Park District on Columbus’ near east side where I am the proud custodian of a 100+ year old home that my partner, Alison, and I have put literal blood, sweat and tears into through a 6-year renovation project,” Mike added.


Community is key for Mike. He doesn’t just make it part of his day job; he is also committed after work hours. He is President of the Board of Trustees of the Franklinton Board of Trade, executive committee member of the Franklinton Arts District and on the governance committee for the Athletic Club of Columbus. Mike also volunteers for various music-event production teams in the Central Ohio area.


For those extra hours not committed to his work or community, Mike enjoys disc golfing (trying to up his rating from 870 to 900), classes himself as a “recovering DJ,” snowboards as often as possible and frequently travels to TSUN for hiking, the beaches, disc golf, boating and just enjoying the great outdoors. His ultimate goal is to snowboard in Canada this year or next.  


If you’re considering a banking career, look to an example like Mike Amerine to help guide your decision. After devoting time and developing expertise, Mike has a career at Heartland that will shape his future, provide stability and allow him to feel valuable within his community. Check out the careers available at Heartland today!