Heartland Bank Community Foundation

Nonprofit Support


The Heartland Bank Community Foundation (HBCF) makes contributions to nonprofit organizations to fund widespread community impact programs and/or projects.  Our primary focus of giving centers around early childhood development and family enrichment.  Consideration may be given, however,  to other areas of impact as funds allow.  The Foundation is part of Heartland's overall charitable giving initiative, which enables us to support programs that improve quality of life throughout the states of Ohio and Kentucky, where our clients and associates live and work.  

This focus on families allows the Foundation to be strategic and purposeful with support, while providing funding that is passionately placed with diverse programs and deserving communities.

Your support is appreciated – thank you for choosing HBCF for your charitable contribution!

Learn more about the four areas guiding the Foundation’s objectives and defining the mission

We are dedicated to providing financial resources for community activities in local area neighborhoods. 

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