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Welcome Home to Whitehall

Welcome Home to Whitehall

Thursday, February 8, 2018/Categories: Heartland Bank

It’s been over two years…from the first discussion of cramped quarters to the final move-in date. Two and a half years of planning, starting with one location then choosing another, and finally packing boxes and moving to the new location in Whitehall, now seems like it happened overnight. Associates who work together will actually reside together prompting collaboration and idea creation.

February 5th was the first day that associates were actively working from their new workstations - just a handful though as not to burden the customer experience. Moving associates to a new corporate center should be uneventful for the customer and all the behind-the-scenes associates planned with this goal in mind.

According to Alyssa Booms, VP and Head of Retail Sales, “Today was not just about transferring where our offices were located, but also about being part of the future of Heartland Bank. I feel excited to be a part of the next phase of growth for the bank and honored to be a member of a team that is succeeding because we believe in what we are doing, and more importantly, how we are doing it.

Moving over 100 associates is not a small task. Phase one of the move went very smoothly. “The move was well organized.  When I came in this morning, everything I boxed up Friday was here waiting on me.  My computer and phone were set up, ready to go.  Can’t wait until everyone is here in the building!” remarked Jeff Kessler, VP and Business Manager.

A comfortable environment and workplace contentment are hot topics today, especially for attracting and retaining qualified and engaged individuals. Many of the new residents commented on the “new building smell” and “the incredible view of the park” along with the health benefits of walking throughout a new 60,000 square-foot building.

Move-in phase two and three follow in the next several weeks and an open house will be announced for late March after the dust settles. Heartland is excited to make Whitehall our new home as we partner with the community that welcomed us, while continuing to expand our reach into the vast corners of the Central Ohio region. Look for our new building near the airport at 430 North Hamilton Road in Whitehall.