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Unlocking the mystery of Brent Voss

Unlocking the mystery of Brent Voss

Tuesday, December 8, 2020/Categories: Employee Spotlight

“It is always important to smile and laugh during the workday. A little humor and levity will help you be more productive and manage your workload with the right attitude.” This is Brent Voss, branch manager of the Hilliard Branch of Heartland Bank and likely the most easy-going person you’ll ever meet. He is an inspiration to his fellow associates and a source of financial wisdom for his clients.

Not to say that Brent doesn’t take every aspect of his banking career with complete seriousness and determination, he simply has the ability to interject a lighthearted tone that encourages engagement from his clients and yet allows them to feel comfortable and confident in his work. “The biggest difference between one bank and another is the relationship you have with the bank and the associates who work there. If you want a bank that understands you, has a personal relationship with you, advocates for you and supports you, Heartland Bank is the only bank for you.”

This comfort level has led to a successful branch presence in Hilliard. With Heartland Bank being new to this suburb and with a brand-new branch under Brent’s wing, he was tasked with attracting new clients, retaining them, and making a positive community statement. Brent met this challenge and admits that this is his “most special achievement.” This also relates to a defining character trait of Brent’s – embrace your clients with appreciation, support and realistic promises, and they will give all those back and then some.   

Brent is not only successful because of how he treats his clients, but also his coworkers. His respect and gratitude are very evident. “I lead an extraordinary team of very experienced bankers. We support our community and help our neighbors with their financial needs.” To expand on that and explain what contributes to his success, he never loses sight of the bigger picture. “It is important to build relationships with other departments and associates who do not directly work with you on a regular basis. This will help you grow in the bank and learn how to be successful at Heartland in your own way.”

Brent earned the Circle of Champions Star in 2020, Assistant Vice President in 2019, Quality and Excellence in 2017 and is very active in the Hilliard community. He is the board president for Old Hilliard, Inc., secretary of Destination Hilliard, member of the Hilliard Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Madison County Farm Bureau. Additionally, Brent adds, “The Hilliard Branch and I regularly support the Hilliard Food Pantry, Franklin County Agricultural Society and TEDx Hilliard.”

In his time away from the bank, Brent enjoys visiting museums, zoos, and historical sites across the United States with his wife of 18 years, Kimberly, and 3 children, two daughters and a son. Finally, he very purposefully shared, “I really like Lego.” Enough said…colorful pieces, all different sizes, the ability to transform a vast array of small plastic pieces into beautiful art – this is Brent’s playful side where his love for life is most evident!

If you’re looking for a banking relationship that not only guides your financial future, but also provides a comfort level focusing on community relationships, stop in at any one of our 19 branch locations today!