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Nice to meet you, Michael Wharton!

Nice to meet you, Michael Wharton!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020/Categories: Employee Spotlight

There are always those behind-the-scenes associates that just seem to make the world go around, add quality to everyone’s day and diffuse issues as fast as possible to keep the peace and avoid as much disruption to the daily work environment as possible. Michael Wharton fits that description at Heartland Bank, and the world is a better place because of him and his upbeat attitude!

Starting his career at Heartland in March of 2017 as the facilities manager, Michael continues in this role and is proud to oversee all of the branches regarding maintenance, building compliance, vendor management, property assessments and budgets for improvements – this includes 22 locations in Central Ohio and three in Northern Kentucky. With two trips already to Northern Kentucky under his belt, Michael will not be slowing down anytime soon and catching a glimpse of him will be rare.

Not surprisingly, he is committed to Heartland and a higher standard for himself. “My goals in life and work are the same: continued positivity, kindness and my best effort. These things set the pace for everything in life,” explained Michael. This core belief leads directly to his interpretation of quality and excellence, “Doing a great job when no one is watching, exceeding expectations and delivering a product or service better than the competition.”

Even though Michael is often working with little client interaction, he understands what is happening on the front lines. “We truly are a hometown bank with great people to help the community. There are many of us behind the scenes who are not customer facing but do our best to make the Heartland experience a positive one.” He is also in-tune with his co-workers as he explains his advice to new associates, “Meet as many of our employees as possible, we have some great people working here.”

Michael additionally enjoys working with the various vendors that have earned his trust and appreciation. With their assistance, he has helped with or facilitated many projects and improvements from the very basic necessities of heating and cooling to the more complex consultations regarding remodels and upgrades. With buildings dating back over the span of 30 years or more under his watch, maintenance looks very different for older locations versus newer ones requiring Michael’s knowledge base to be quite extensive.

Life skills also contribute to Michael’s knowledge base as he has travelled the world and played with his band all around Central Ohio. “Besides spending time with my wife and two grown daughters, I love to travel. Laura and I were married in the Bahamas and have been many places over the years. I have enjoyed decades on the Columbus music scene, had record label distribution of my band’s CD with sales and airplay here, Europe, Japan and Australia. My current band has enjoyed success the past decade including a national sponsorship and many honors, such as being the headlining act for Red, White and Boom for eight years straight.”

In his spare time, Michael volunteers for Red, White and Boom entertainment and St. Mary’s Church annual fundraising entertainment. He is also part of a group helping drummers in need worldwide to obtain equipment for little to no cost. This giving side can be easily understood as he shares his favorite quote: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” – Garry Marshall.