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Meet the VP and Head of Retail Sales, Alyssa Booms!

Meet the VP and Head of Retail Sales, Alyssa Booms!

Thursday, October 18, 2018/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Alyssa Booms joined Heartland Bank in 2015, and with just about four years under her belt, she has become a dependable asset and quality leader. With her role at Heartland, Alyssa is often in contact with the newest of the Heartland retail team and commits to be a positive influence and a keeper of the Heartland way.

“I give new Heartland employees advice all the time! I mostly want them to focus first on getting to know the people here and members of their team, as well as those in other departments. We rely on each other in a small company so much that it’s important to build strong relationships that will help each other be successful and help support each other in many ways,” shared Alyssa.

Her responsibilities are vast and extend beyond welcoming new hires to the retail team. This dynamic team is the heart and soul of the bank, thus requiring Alyssa to be on her toes often six days a week. She states, “My primary responsibilities include leading and supporting our retail teams in many areas, including development of their teams through coaching and Individual Development Plans, involvement with hiring new team members and staffing decisions, providing approvals and escalated problem resolution, and creating and leading strategies to help them grow their banking centers and achieve their goals.”  

Alyssa is proud of all that she has accomplished thus far in her career, and she realizes that teamwork can be a foundation for success. “I am proud of being a part of a team that continues to achieve significant growth, that collaborates with other departments and teams, and that keeps customers and employees at the center of decisions and considers the impact of decisions on the entire company. I’m also going through my first year at the Graduate School of Banking in Wisconsin and am proud to be a part of this program and am learning a great deal.”

Heartland Bank awards some of its associates semi-annually with the “Quality and Excellence Award.” This award came about in 1992 when it was decided that the Employee of the Month Award needed some revamping. According to the August 1992, Volume 12 of the Hear-Ye Heartland, “This award is given to each employee who has displayed outstanding qualities in their daily work. Each recipient was nominated solely by their fellow employees.” Alyssa adds, “Quality and excellence need to go hand-in-hand. Without quality you do not have excellence, and without excellence, you do not have quality. It means that we strive to provide an outstanding experience and hold ourselves to the highest standard in all that we do for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and our communities.” She received this award in October of 2016.

This is not the only impressive side to Alyssa. She additionally has the  ability to maintain the balance between her professional life and personal life. With a journalism degree from Ohio University and an M.B.A. in marketing, she has proven herself in the business world while committing to quality time with her husband and seven-year-old son. She enjoys golfing with them, but also shares that she just wants to be the best mom she can be. In her home-time, Alyssa also enjoys running and would like to write a children’s book one day. She volunteers at her son’s school and PTA. She is a past board member for the Worthington Chamber of Commerce.

If you’re deciding whether to join Heartland as a customer or employee, Alyssa sums it up… “Our clients typically choose Heartland over other competitors because relationships are important to them. Heartland Bank was built on relationships, and we continue to grow because of relationships. We also empower our managers to make decisions in their local markets so that our customers and the people in their communities are talking to a decision maker when they are in one of our locations.” If this is what you’re looking for, contact us at Heartland Bank for more information!