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Jessica Bell Has a Story to Tell!

Jessica Bell Has a Story to Tell!

Monday, May 1, 2023/Categories: Employee Spotlight

It’s not just about working at a bank, it’s about serving individuals, businesses and communities. “I hear it time and time again, I love that you know who I am, I can’t believe you remembered my name and so on. Each and every client is important to us, and we are invested in their successes,” shared Jessica Bell, branch manager of Heartland’s Newark location.

Jessica joined Heartland Bank in 2014 as a client service representative. With nearly ten years devoted to her career at Heartland, she believes in this “family” feel and understands that it differentiates Heartland from other banks. “I believe clients should choose Heartland over another bank because we have everything the other banks have, but they do not have dedicated teams that know who they are when they come in the door.” She also shares that fostering a family environment is part of her daily responsibilities. “I work to build relationships with our current clients and within the community. I also support the team in the branch, as if they were my family.”

The community served is the foundation for a community bank and the base on which to build a rewarding career. For Jessica, the two have intersecting lines and overlapping borders. “I don’t know if most people know, but we are always giving back to our communities through volunteering, and we are always looking for additional opportunities to support our communities.” She understands that without one, the other won’t exist…her career and community go hand in hand.

“Quality and Excellence means that you are consistently going above and beyond the call. You are willing to raise your hand when there is a new project or something that you can help with. It also means consistently helping our clients with the best customer service, and anytime we can go the extra mile to make sure their needs are being met, we do it - take a few extra minutes to talk with a client or open the door for them. We may be the only interaction that our client is receiving that day.”

Jessica grew up in Sugar Grove, where her family had their business. They owned a sporting clays range and hunting preserve. She went to Berne Union and was in the marching band for many years. She continued her passion for playing trumpet into college at Tiffin University, where she went for her undergraduate and master’s programs. She lives in Logan, or better known as the Hocking Hills, with her husband and two dogs. They spend a lot of time outside working in their yard, entertaining friends, fishing, golfing and enjoying time with their families.

Sound like anyone you know…of course it does because Heartland associates are just like an old family friend. To carry this even further, Jessica also gives her time to the Downtown Newark Association, Licking County Alcoholism Prevention Program and the Young Leaders of Licking County - Philanthropy committee. This is us – passionate community stewards and conscientious local bankers!

If you’re looking for a family feel from your bank, come on over to Heartland where banking feels good!