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It’s Game Time!

It’s Game Time!

Thursday, February 1, 2024/Categories: Home Page Story

Football may not be your thing or maybe it is, but during Super Bowl month, most everyone at least enjoys the hype and commercials associated with the big games. What’s not to love – commercials that are funnier than ever, snack ideas to rival anything a caterer can provide and exploding social media regarding the performers and their halftime shows.

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas for the big game or maybe just hosting a party to enjoy the game with friends and family, the extra dollars spent to enjoy the big weekend might undoubtedly wreck your February budget. Don’t let your worries derail your game plan. We’ve got this!

At Heartland Bank, your financial game is our priority. Planning for life events and the little extras can be done…just ask us! You might not be the quarterback for your team, nor the placekicker, that’s why you rely on us, just as many teams rely on a coach and coaching staff.

Let Us Help You!

You probably wouldn’t be qualified to be on the field calling plays for the Chiefs or the 49ers, so why do you expect to call the plays for your financial future all alone? We have experts to guide you, send in your plays and relieve you when you need a break. It’s all about balance, and we can help you find the perfect play for your future that fits your goals and allows for room to enjoy those big games!

Visit Your Local Branch

Are you sitting on the sidelines with your head in your hands wondering what happened to your finances?

Heartland bankers are your first line of defense…and offense! Banking is what they know, and they’re ready to offer suggestions, provide information and help you analyze your strategy. Whether your team is stacked with exceptional players, or you need to trade a few old relics, your banker can be your financial coach for now and into the future.

With products and services to meet a wide variety of needs, Heartland associates are ready to be called in to help you score – and winning is their favorite! Their services are available to all Heartland clients, and we encourage you to stop into your local branch and take a time-out with one of these devoted individuals.

Bowl Budget Tips

If you’re committing to go to Las Vegas for the game, planning should have been your priority to cover the tickets and package costs that you were expecting – some prices are crazy! If you’re hosting a party for friends and family, there are many articles online offering ideas, but here are a few of the highlights:

  1. Co-host and share the costs
  2. BYOB and BYOD (Bring your own dish)
  3. Keep it simple – doesn’t everyone love BBQ?
  4. Shop early – get the deals
  5. Channel your inner Martha – cooking is just like running plays
  6. Place affordable items front and center on your table arrangement

Get Your Game On

This time of year begs for the fun of watching exciting games on television, and in person if you are one of the lucky few. Just remember, the Heartland banking team is waiting for you on the sidelines, whenever you are ready to put them in the game, helping you become the coach of your financial future!