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Heartland Puts a Spotlight on Lacey Monahan!

Heartland Puts a Spotlight on Lacey Monahan!

Tuesday, April 9, 2024/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Employment is a balancing act – balancing existing and new talent. Heartland strives for an optimal mix with associates giving 5 to over 25 years of service! With nearly 15 years of employment at Heartland, Lacey Monahan, VP, Enterprise Risk Manager, is a perfect representation of the committed, career-oriented professionals that work for Heartland daily to ensure the customer is confident, satisfied and protected as they navigate their financial world.

Investing in People

Scott McComb, Chairman, President and CEO, often urges us all to ‘tell your Heartland story.’ Mine has been one of growth. I started on the front line as a teller. My next role was as retail coordinator. During that time, I took part in an internal Emerging Leaders Program. From the program, I won an opportunity to attend the Barret Graduate School of Banking. After completing these programs, my career progression grew internally to Enterprise Risk Management. I am very proud that I took the opportunity to work for Heartland. It has shaped me as much, if not more, than I have helped shape it in 14 years,” shared Lacey.

Lacey has flourished in this environment, recently earning certification as a Certified Enterprise Risk Professional (CERP). With responsibilities that include collaborating with business lines throughout the bank to identify, mitigate and monitor risk in all its many forms, Lacey’s years of experience have positioned her to competently tackle the complexities that are inherent to risk management.

“Say ‘yes’ to new experiences. After assessing the risk, obviously. It’s an occupational hazard which has earned me the nickname, Captain Cautious,” admitted Lacey as she explained how her goals are often organically developed. Questions will arise, but she adds, “When I was in Retail, I would often respond to questions with ‘what does the procedure say.’ My advice would be to know your resources. Know where to find answers, not just who to ask.”  Associates at Heartland are encouraged and empowered to evaluate their path several times per year, make course alterations if needed and ultimately, participate in their own goal creation – it is part of their Heartland story.


Full Circle

Above all, every associate should operate with integrity and accountability whether a new hire or seasoned professional. “Quality and excellence are the concepts behind striving to provide what is needed to the best of your ability. Is it important to be the best? No, but it is important, at the very least, to do your best,” added Lacey.

Thus, a workforce linked by common traits has produced a family atmosphere and supportive environment. Lacey explains the culture with a bit more levity, “A bunch of ‘goof balls’ work here. Like most people, we like to laugh and have fun. Yes, there are times for serious conversations, but we work in time for humor as much as possible. After all, what is the risk in enjoying what you do?”

According to Chief Risk Officer Jennifer Eckert, “Lacey is a valued risk management professional with an inquisitive mind and thorough thought process. She never hesitates to offer assistance, volunteer for internal or external projects, and can be counted on for her experiential knowledge with all aspects of community banking. Lacey is a lot of fun to work with, and I love having her on my team!”

Tell Us More

Outside of the workplace, Lacey is also committed to her “circle” and enjoying her off-the-clock hours. When asked about her interests, she’s an open book, literally. Reading tops her list with about 60 books per year (we hope those aren’t all about Risk Management), then travel and food. “Travel is a passion of mine. I love getting out of the country to experience life abroad. Most memorable trips, so far, were New Zealand (2019) and Spain (2022). Next trip is planned for Scotland to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Also, we love to cook.”

“Our” refers to her partner in life. “I have lived in Grove City since 2007 with my husband, Kip, where our life choices are heavily scrutinized by our cat, Blue.” Born in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Lacey has lived most of her life in Central Ohio. With college courses completed early in her career, she additionally capitalizes on her background by participating in Community Banking Initiatives (CBI). CBI is a venture between several state community banking associations, including Community Bankers Association of Ohio, Community Bankers of Michigan and a few others that have recently joined from across the nation.

Are you interested in meeting more bankers that enjoy their jobs and the people they work with? Heartland Bank is a great place to start, or even continue, your career journey!