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Heartland and Beckman XMO-Partnering for Quality

Sunday, December 4, 2016/Categories: Customer Stories, Products & Services

Beckman XMO employees working at deskSometimes one random move leads you down a path you might never have thought to travel. For Tracy Beckman, owner of Beckman XMO, the purchase of a used one-color printing press in 1981 led him to open S. Beckman Print and Graphic Solutions. Back then, it was all about providing affordable, timely print services to his customers. According to Tracy, the biggest challenge of opening his business at that time was fully learning the trade and then understanding how to take appropriate financial risks. Today, 35 years later, the company offers the strategic and creative vision of an advertising agency, the technical expertise of an interactive agency and the in-house capabilities of a print production firm.

The ‘XMO’ part of the company name comes from their focus on Cross Media Optimization. XMO campaigns combine the best of 1:1 marketing strategy with the advantages of interactive media to: connect with more customers, deliver more information that is relevant to each customer, capture data about customers, dramatically improve the response to marketing efforts and increase ROI (with data to back it up). Through XMO, a marketing campaign’s sum becomes greater than each of its individual parts by integrating media channels (print advertising, broadcast, direct mail, public relations/word of mouth) via a powerful interactive core. Beckman XMO then optimizes the results of the marketing efforts while allowing clients to solve specific challenges or meet specific needs such as: generating leads, cross promoting products and services, and developing customer loyalty.

Beckman XMO has succeeded over the years because they’ve remained committed to the kind of quality customer service that helped Tracy launch his business in the first place. “We need to continue to listen to our customers and their needs for the future. We work with them to help increase their business by building brand awareness through print and digital channels, internet visibility, direct mail and the list goes on,” he said.

When Tracy thinks about his company’s success, he also thinks of Heartland Bank. “They’ve certainly been essential to our growth and at times, we rely on their good solid advice about moving our company forward. For more than 10 years, I’ve always felt we could count on Heartland Bank and the relationships we share with those who work there. They always have our best interest in mind, which is very important to me and my family.”

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