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Custom Sign Center is Looking for Loyalty at Heartland Bank

Custom Sign Center is Looking for Loyalty at Heartland Bank

Wednesday, October 2, 2019/Categories: Customer Stories

When a banking relationship is bound with loyalty, it can often last a lifetime and weather many of the storms that partnerships may produce. Loyalty is what brought Custom Sign Center to Heartland Bank, and Heartland is banking on this commitment equation to ensure that they are loyal customers for years to come!

In 1969, Custom Sign Center began with the manufacture of small magnetic signs. 50 years later, they have grown from this initial local offering to providing custom signs across the nation. And not just one type of sign, like in the beginning – Custom SignCenter can now produce almost anything their customer can imagine. This is their goal because, according to their website, “Fair or not, the quality and condition of a sign on the outside of a business affects the perception about the quality and condition of the inside. An exterior sign is most often the first impression made to potential customers.”

Tim and Judy Sheehy, owners of Custom Sign Center and its four satellite offices, have built their business on making good first impressions with their signs, their staff and their vendors. This was apparent during their recent 50th anniversary celebration. They witnessed firsthand the appreciation that all of the attendees had for them, from Tabitha Turner, an associate that has worked with them for 22 years (and never left), to the nearly 25 people who patiently waited at the celebration to speak and share kinds words about the couple and Custom Sign Center. The celebration included food, friends and family, and quite literally left Tim and Judy speechless regarding the outpouring of donations and attendance at the anniversary party this past May.

With well-known organizations like Wendy’s, Tim Hortons, Noodles & Company, and Kiddie Academy as their customers, Custom Sign Center values these industry-leading relationships and realizes that they are based on versatility and customer convenience – apparent with their 4,000-square-foot showroom in Central Ohio, the largest of its kind. Additionally, according to Judy, there are two very simple guidelines for client retention, “First, asking how can we help? And second, don’t say it if you’re not going to do it!” When Wendy’s was experiencing major damage to many locations in Florida after a hurricane, Tim opened a satellite office/shop there to assist with the recovery process. It is still open today.

Tim and Judy are also committed to their community. They donate the use of one of their old locations, 342 N. Hague Avenue in Columbus, to Jordan’s Crossing Resource Center. This center ministers to the homeless and those fighting addictions, often serving nearly 175 meals in a day. Furthermore, Custom Sign Center employs nearly 85 associates of diverse backgrounds within its five locations between Ohio and Florida, recognizing that several associates have 20 years or more invested with them. Their roots run deep in their community and have stood the test of time even in the recent years when attracting and retaining quality associates is a definite challenge.

That challenge is somewhat negated by the third generation currently committing their time and talents to the family business. Son-in-law, Sam Petee, married to their daughter, Jennifer, has been their plant manager for 25 years and their son, Eric Ransburgh, has been the driving force behind the sales and office team for nearly 11 years. Another son, Jason Sheehy, has his own IT business and supplies them with computers and handles their system needs. The third generation’s loyalty to the family business was obvious as Judy and Tim proudly shared the involvement of the children in the family’s mission.

Loyalty is also how Heartland entered the picture for Custom Sign Center as they just weren’t feeling the same loyalty from their banking relationship as they were giving to the relationship. This is also when they went to their banker from that old bank, Jetta Berry, who had since moved on to Heartland, and took her up on her previous offers to move their accounts over and feel the difference a community bank can make – “You’re a number at that bank. You’re somebody with us,” is what Jetta would say to Tim, with Tim confirming this by personal experience.

If you’re questioning the strength of your banking relationship, don’t wait until there’s an issue to consider Heartland Bank for your financial needs. Tim and Judy can attest to the importance of an amazing sign, and Heartland Bank can attest to the importance of following an obvious sign. Stop in to any one of our 16 branch locations, and we’ll help you redirect your financial future!