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Coming Soon to a Browser Near You - Heartland.Bank

Coming Soon to a Browser Near You - Heartland.Bank

Sunday, January 29, 2017/Categories: Security, Website

Graphic of the words Web Design Layout and PagesHeartland Bank is making an important change with regards to the future of your banking security. We are pleased to announce that effective this spring, we will transition our current website domain name to our new website domain name Heartland.BANK. In addition to the new .BANK extension, you’ll enjoy a brand new look and feel to our website. Our new site design and structure will provide intuitive navigation elements, streamlined menus, and enhanced content. Also, the new site will have a responsive layout for all mobile platforms.

The new .BANK domain extension is different than .com or other domain extensions as it embodies security requirements that were created in partnership between the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) regulating body that appoints domain extensions and agents from the banking industry.

With this new .BANK domain extension comes a higher level of verification and security that will help reduce phishing, spoofing, internet scams and malicious emails. We see this as a critical change, allowing us to forge a more trusted, verified, secure and easily identifiable Internet position for you to manage your banking business with us. With the new .BANK website, you can rest assured that you are not visiting a fake website where the risk of fraud is high.

According to CEO Scott McComb, “Adopting the .bank extension was a strategic decision by the Heartland Bank team. This more secure web address promotes sound and secure banking practices and decreases the chance of criminals confusing our clients by spoofing or phishing, which at times could lead to fraud or identity theft.” 

What are the additional security benefits?

  • The .BANK domain is only available to legitimate banks that are verified with scrutiny by their regulator. Entities cannot obtain this domain if they are not a bank. This provides customers with a level of confidence that they are accessing a legitimate bank website.
  • Because the .BANK domain is verified and authenticated, phishing, spoofing, internet scams and malicious emails that target bank customers should be reduced.
  • The .BANK extension incorporates the latest security requirements and best practices including a sophisticated suite of specifications, Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for email authentication & verification. This is unique to .BANK and not instituted with standard domains.

As a customer, do I need to take any action(s)?

No, the migration to the new domain will be seamless, but we do recommend that you create a new bookmark to www.Heartland.BANK in order to quickly and efficiently gain access to our website.

What happens if I try to access

If you try to access you will be automatically redirected to Heartland.BANK.

Will this affect online banking?

This will not affect online banking. Apart from seeing a different domain extension you will not notice any disruption of service.