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Atlapac 2020

Atlapac 2020

Thursday, January 7, 2021/Categories: Home Page Story

Customers become clients when a relationship is established between the bank and the individual or business. These clients are the lifeblood of the bank, the reason the bank exists and the foundation for most community banks.

Atlapac is one of these valued clients at Heartland Bank, and they are excited to share their history, devotion to their staff and their optimism for their future. In a time when we all could use a feel-good story, Atlapac renews the belief that the free market is alive and well in the heartland, and Heartland Bank is proud to be part of their journey.

Atlapac’s CEO, Stuart Staeck, signed up early on for the family business and 34 years later, using many of the machines purchased during the start-up years, oversees the daily business of this packaging firm. Today, the operation consists of 60 production lines to meet market demand for contract manufacturing and distribution of pouches and bags along with allowing diversity to meet unexpected needs. They can accommodate a home business (retail) and even high-end, well-known national companies.

About half of their clients are retail and for these customers, they create solutions from start to finish with all varieties of brands. For the larger, national brands, they often just create their packages from materials provided by the companies and return the packages for filling. Additionally, they provide packaging solutions for companies selling items that require special arrangements, like grouping several small products together in a gift bag. This is the “evolution of bag making” at its finest – evolving with the customer to meet their needs. Their ability to transform is also why a company that still utilizes a packaging machine from 1940 is successful. They not only manage their bottom line efficiently, they conform to an ever-changing marketplace and adapt in record time.

This is evident with the recent COVID-19 shifts in production. Atlapac responded to overnight demands with overnight answers. They not only assisted local companies when called upon, their production for pet food suppliers and frozen food packagers ramped up significantly. As the general public shifted to work-from-home situations, specific markets saw an astounding increase in sales rather than a decrease. Atlapac had to take a pause when Ohio first enforced a -stay-at-home order, but quickly regrouped to position their employees (as they were considered front-line workers) to adapt to the state mandated safety guidelines being communicated. Even before COVID, their facility was highly regulated and required to follow strict sanitary and environmental standards on a daily basis.

With 100,000 square feet of production and storage space, Atlapac has grown from its humble beginnings of 1,000 square feet. Contributing to their growth and success was Paul Unrue, president, and Daniela Williams, controller and human resources administrator. Their combined management efforts ensure a family friendly environment and sustain a human capital average tenure of nearly 10 years. Even with a melting pot of cultures within their workforce, they’ve maintained a core group of long-time employees. How do they accomplish this? “I’d like to believe it’s because we care,” shared Stuart.

The close-knit family atmosphere within the ranks of Atlapac contributed to the desire of management to find a financial institution that mirrored those values and echoed their core beliefs. Several years ago, the national banks were not as attractive to Atlapac, and they were searching for a more regional, local option. At the advice of their CPA and along with knowing the McComb family, the management team decided to build a relationship with Heartland Bank. “Scott and Laurie have a grasp of small busines and manufacturing. They understand supply chain and what we’re trying to do and how we’re trying to accomplish it,” said Stuart.

Ultimately, Heartland Bank was a good fit for Atlapac and their need for a close-to-home, responsive bank. If you feel like building a relationship with a local, community-based bank, visit any one of our 18 branch locations to find out how we can help you!