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An Introduction to Tarne Tassniyom

An Introduction to Tarne Tassniyom

Wednesday, May 31, 2023/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Have you ever moved away from family and friends only to find yourself moving back in a few years or maybe many years later? Workers often have a similar experience with their work home – a grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side feeling that takes them to another company only to find their way back to their comfort zone weeks, to months, to even years later. Tarne Tassniyom was away from Heartland for ten years, but he returned with a renewed ambition and an understanding of what the Heartland family is all about.

Tarne actually refers to his two separate times of employment at Heartland as his “first career” and “second career.” This is mostly for the benefit of other associates at Heartland as many newer associates are not aware of his previous tenure. He, however, is one of many boomerang associates and takes comfort is the fact that when returning for his second career, many familiar faces from his first career welcomed him and offered immediate support.

“My first position in 2001 was internet banking coordinator. At the time, Scott McComb, now president and CEO, was director of internet banking. By the time I left the bank in May of 2006, I was the information system security officer. During my first career at Heartland Bank, I was responsible for internet banking, information security, ATMs and many other duties as assigned.

“My current role is director of information technology and information security. I’m now responsible for all the IT and IS at the bank. I am also in charge of overseeing facilities, physical security and have many other duties as assigned. Some of the exciting other duties as assigned include negotiating contracts, being part of the team that builds new locations, managing our ATM network and being involved in almost every bank project.”

Looking back over his two careers at Heartland, Tarne has some definite favorite experiences and proud moments. “I was very proud, back in the day, of creating the Heartland Rewards program. At the time, it was something very different for a bank or a business to have. This not only created client loyalty but also drove revenue into the bank as well,” shared Tarne. “Most recently, I’m most proud of the information security program we’ve put in place. When I came back to the bank in 2016, we did not have any associates dedicated to information security. Now, we have an Information Security department with two full-time associates. We’re continually investing in the safety of the bank, and I’m proud of where we are now and how much we’ve evolved to stay current.”

Pride is also developed at Heartland through quality and excellence. The Quality & Excellence award is given to associates twice a year and is voted on by their peers. “To me, quality and excellence means always thinking about the bank, its clients and associates first. Approach all problems and opportunities with these three in mind and your solutions will most likely always be great.”

Tarne’s positive mindset is undoubtedly bolstered by his diverse childhood. “For my early childhood, I grew up in Columbus and went to Columbus public schools – Northtowne Elementary, East Main Street School and Starling Middle School. Sadly, only Northtowne Elementary still exists. After finishing up 6th grade, my family moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where I stayed until I graduated high school from the International School of Bangkok (ISB). Then, I moved back to Central Ohio in 1997 to attend Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware.” He has called Central Ohio home ever since.

Heartland is happy to welcome new and returning associates during all stages of their lives. If you’re looking for a bank that values its associates no matter what turns their careers take, you need to check out Heartland Bank today!