Security and Fraud Protection Center

Dedicated to Your Banking Security

As your trusted financial partner, Heartland Bank is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal and financial information.  We acknowledge your trust and are committed to providing an environment in which your account information remains secure. Our security professionals realize that this is a day-to-day commitment and are dedicated to employing the industry best practices to ensure your financial well-being.

Some of the steps we follow:

  • Employ the most up-to-date security standards
  • Continuously monitor our security protocols
  • Utilize layered security practices
  • Coordinate with regulatory agencies and law enforcement to update fraud prevention guidelines for our customers and employees

Heartland Bank will not request confidential information from you via email, phone, or other electronic means.

Protect your information – we have a few tips to keep you on a safe and productive path when using all your electronic devices

Prepare, prevent and protect; understanding your responsibilities just might keep you one step ahead of scams and possible fraud

Best practices are quickly compiling as cyber criminals sharpen their skills increasing the possibility of fraud – be informed and be protected!

Quick answers for your convenience; be prepared with account numbers, transaction details and all pertinent information