Card Protection Mobile App

While Heartland Bank is committed to deploying the most up-to-date security and technological procedures to protect your banking, we also realize that you can never be too protected!

Are you protecting yourself? We can help you with that answer...CardValet.

Use CardValet to control debit and credit card usage – right from your fingertips, using a simple, free mobile app for your smartphone – and stay one step ahead of fraud!

  • Review Balances and Transactions: anywhere and anytime
  • Use it for Budgeting: set spending limits, thresholds, locations and merchant type
  • Change your parameters at any time using the mobile app: for things like vacation or holidays
  • Fraud Protection: turn your card off and on to transactions easily
  • Set specific location or geographic area controls
  • Real-time alerts to let you know when your card is used or declined
  • Business Use: perfect for controlling business spending
  • Use the transaction controls for monitoring employees: set locations and thresholds to ensure employee spending adheres to your company policies

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