Defend Your Devices

Pro-active protection and prevention tips

Cyber criminals are not just after businesses.  We want to share our knowledge and provide you with important reminders to help maintain cyber protection in your personal environment.  While Heartland Bank employs extensive security and technological safeguards, we encourage you to browse these reminders and be aware of the latest suggestions.

Remind yourself:

  • Choose complex passwords and change them regularly
  • Do not share passwords and keep them hidden
  • Use antivirus software and update/scan regularly
  • Be aware of software updates and consider automatic security updates
  • Secure your computer with firewalls
  • Protect your Wi-Fi with a password
  • In unfamiliar emails, don’t open attachments and don’t clink on links
  • Backup your data regularly
  • Delete unnecessary programs
  • Log-off, don’t just “x” out
  • Auto-fill should not be used
  • Do not click on ads
  • Review your privacy settings on your browser
  • Consider a pop-up blocker for your browser
  • Be leery of external storage devices that are not from a trusted source

Online and Mobile

Convenience is the key for mobile banking clients. However, we recommend caution when using mobile devices for your banking.  To stay up-to-date on security information, we are providing these recommended best practices for mobile and online account fraud protection:

Mobile Banking

  • Use discretion when downloading apps
  • Use password protection on your mobile device
  • Log out completely from a mobile banking session
  • Download the updates for your phone and mobile apps
  • Text messages will never request your account information
  • For a phone number change or lost mobile device, notify us immediately
  • Be aware of your surroundings - don’t use sensitive information if others can see
  • Protect your phone from viruses and malware by installing mobile security software
  • Monitor your accounts regularly and report suspicious activity to us as soon as possible
  • Don’t save passwords, account information or social security numbers on your mobile device


  • Beware of phishing emails – never click a link or open an attachment asking for account info
  • Do not click on links in emails especially forwarded emails or ones you were not expecting
  • Type out an address link from your email into your browser - don’t copy and paste
  • Be suspicious of email headers including the email sender's identity
  • Do not fill out forms in an email – they can be sent anywhere
  • Delete spam or suspicious emails immediately

Your Computer

  • Install anti-virus/anti-spyware software
  • Be sure to update anti-virus and apply patches automatically
  • Schedule regular scans of your computer
  • Ensure you have a firewall installed
  • Update operating systems, applications and internet browsers regularly
  • For a wireless network, use industry standard protections
  • Consider turning your PC off when not needed
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