Prevent Card Scams

Be prepared to protect debit and credit cards and prevent fraud

We take the safeguarding of your account very seriously and monitor debit card activity for suspicious transactions. We are always looking for ways to stop fraud faster, and with our enhanced fraud prevention tools, we can do just that.

To help keep you one step ahead of fraudsters, click here for information about Card Valet, a debit and credit card protection tool. This mobile app is user friendly, free and available for both debit and credit cards. Before leaving, check out our list of card security tips below:

  • Review your bank statements monthly
  • Let us know if your phone number changes
  • Monitor your account balances and transactions
  • Contact us immediately if your card is lost, stolen or subject to fraud
  • Memorize your PIN and never share it
  • Always keep your receipts
  • Cross out all blank spaces on debit slips including tip lines
  • Know your limits as we may limit daily purchases and withdrawals for your protection
  • Scrutinize ATMs for suspicious skimming devices
  • Tell us when you plan to travel and where
  • FYI: the Electronic Funds Transfer Act protects you from losses due to debit card fraud if you report fraud in a timely fashion
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