Driving the Cbus (COVID-19 Edition)

Alyssa Booms, VP – Director of Branch Banking

Alyssa BoomsMarch 27, 2020

Alyssa gives us an update on what you can (and can’t) do at your bank during this COVID-19 pandemic. Right now, specifically at Heartland Bank, and most banks...

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Laurie Pfeiffer, VP – Director of Commercial Banking

Laurie PfeifferMarch 27, 2020

Laurie is our guest, and we cover how your bank can help your business during this pandemic. What should your business being doing today?...

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BJ Douglass, VP – Manager of Mortgage Origination

BJ DouglassMarch 27, 2020

We talk with BJ about what measures and options are being put in place with this pandemic. Hardship options that you can ask about are deferred...

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Ben Babcanec, SVP – Public Funds & Wholesale Deposit Manager

Ben BabcanecMarch 27, 2020

We talk with Ben about the safety of your deposits at your financial institution during this COVID-19 pandemic. All deposits are safe in your bank...

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Driving the Cbus with Heartland Bank

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