Build or Renovate a Home

Build your foundation with Heartland!

Your vision can be your reality. At Heartland Bank, we realize that home dreams do not always include the cookie cutter houses that are so often the majority of the options available today. We also understand that your vision is not an easy one to attain. We've got your back - let us worry about the road to your dream while you worry about where to park the car!

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Construction-to-Permanent Financing

Heartland Bank can guide you through the construction process from the very start, with the lot loan, to the finish, with the final mortgage loan for your new home. We are confident that we can make the process simple, quick and worry-free.

Features and Benefits:

  • Primary residence
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Separate lot loans available
  • Up to 12-month construction term
  • Both fixed rates and ARMS are available
  • One closing with one set of closing costs
  • Interest only payments during construction
  • Interest only payments during the construction phase
  • Appropriate for borrowers who are planning to build a new home
  • Single closing – pay fees once with Construction-to-Permanent
  • Funds the construction of a new home with draws over time, as the home is being built

Construction-to-Permanent Renovation Loan

Sometimes, your best move is not to move at all. With a Renovation Loan, Heartland Bank can put you on the right path to making significant home improvements, such as upgrading a bathroom or adding an addition. Not only will improvements make a difference in your daily quality of life, but also increase your home value as well. Improve, don’t move!

Have your eye on a beautiful, older home that could be your dream home, but it is in serious need of updates? With our Construction-to-Permanent Renovation Loan, we can help you buy an older home and provide you with the funds to renovate it.

Features and Benefits:

  • No prepayment penalty
  • Single closing - pay fees once
  • Fixed and ARM rates available
  • Competitive loan rates and terms
  • Up to 12-month construction term
  • Interest only payments during construction
  • Appropriate for borrower looking to renovate / remodel primary property
  • Pays off existing loans on the property and covers the cost of renovation


  • Owner occupied primary residence or a second home
  • One-unit, single-family detached home
  • Approved licensed contractor/builder

Lot Loans

  • Available for plotted subdivision lots, tear down properties, and raw land
  • Variable ARM rates available
  • Generous debt ratios and credit scores
  • Appropriate for borrowers who have found the perfect lot, but may not be ready to build yet
  • Appropriate for borrowers who want to expand their existing lot size

Rehab Loans

  • Fixed and ARM rates available
  • Competitive loan rates and terms
  • Available on hard cost only, not labor costs
  • Property must be in an appreciating area
  • Property must be in at least average condition when purchased
  • Appropriate for borrower looking to renovate / remodel investment property

Benefits of a Heartland Bank Loan

  • Money and Time saved - Heartland Bank’s Construction-to-Permanent loans combines construction and mortgage financing into one. A one-time application process and one-time closing costs. The construction loan automatically converts to a permanent mortgage when your house is complete. Your financing is done, now it’s time to make choices – cabinets, fixtures, floors and doors.
  • Customer Service is key - When you are ready to start, so are we! We can speak with you at any of our branches or you can use our online application to start the process. In addition, you can check your loan status at any time with our online tools.