Refinance My Home

Answers to your refinancing questions

Are you wondering if you are being financially responsible when it comes to your home mortgage? This is a common state of mind, and one that is often brushed aside due to lack of knowledge and inexperience. Congratulations – you are in the right place! You’ve taken the first step by investigating Heartland Bank and what we can do for you.

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What if I want to...

Reduce my interest rate?

Refinancing your mortgage to a lower rate mortgage can result in significant savings over the life of the loan. Remember, though, there are costs associated with refinancing and you will need to determine if the new rate is going to off-set those costs for you. Use our calculator to plan a new payment or contact us to help walk you through the process.

Shorten my loan term?

If you shorten your mortgage term, a side benefit is often a lower interest rate, thus you may experience only a slight increase in your payment with a large decrease if the amount of years you are required to pay. Let us help you determine if this makes sense for you, partly because there are costs involved, or if you can accomplish the same goal with your current mortgage.

Use my equity?

You have built equity in your home over the years, now might be the time to use this equity to consolidate debt or make that large purchase you’ve been eyeing. Contact a Heartland Bank Mortgage Professional today to see what options are available to fit your needs.

Change from a variable rate to a fixed rate loan?

With a fixed rate mortgage, the monthly principal and interest payments remain the same for the term of the loan. Fixed rates are best for buyers who plan to make their house purchase a long-term investment – a house that will be your forever home!

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