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Our workplace environment

At Heartland Bank, our associates are one of our greatest assets. The culture is intentional and the outcome is celebrated - everyone is encouraged to share their true self and prosper in an environment that is not only inclusive, but welcoming and diverse. Follow Heartland Bank on Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn and Twitter to stay up–to-date on our activities in our local communities and the initiatives that our associates are dedicated to in their work and personal lives. 

Check out our Workplace graphic and explore the meanings of the interlocking segments below. We believe that each individual's identity is elevated when all parts work together. 

Community Impact - A community bank cannot call itself a community bank without really making a difference in the communities served.

Culture - A culture built on family values and a welcoming atmoshphere is the goal - be a steward of good vibes!

Financial - This is a bank. Financial considerations must be front-and-center in all we do and all we advocate. 

Occupational - A profession is an grow in the workplace and in the community - both are encouraged.

Purpose - This provides direction for our associates to manage their work lives and achieve success. 

Social - We must be present - in our branches, in conversations with clients and coworkers, and on social media. 


A balanced environment

At Heartland Bank, the culture is the driving force - shaping careers and guiding community efforts. Not only is the associate's environmental wellness highlighted by the six apsects of the "identity" graphic above, community culture is at the forefront via the Heartland Bank Community Foundation (HBCF). Numerous organizations are awarded grants each year, and associates are encouraged to participate in fundraising opportunites hosted by the HBCF. 

Associates are also spotlighted individually in order to share their career paths, Heartland stories, outside interests and future endeavors. As culture is valued and appreciated, these associates are recognized often as Heartland realizes that they contribute to the communities served through volunteer programs, events, organizations and committees. Check out our current Associate Spotlight below!

Workplace Environment
  • A Culture For Building Careers