Why Choose Heartland?

Heartland would love to be your new financial home!

Are you happy with your financial institution, what they stand for, how they treat you and what services they offer? If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, we would love the chance to convince you to Come on Over to Heartland! Rest assured, we have a switch kit available to make the entire process easy from start to finish!

Tell me why Heartland is different than all the other banks?

Heartland Bank has a strong connection to the communities it serves, and our bankers often know their clients' families, businesses and goals for the future. This is what community banking is all about, and why Heartland has stood the test of time for the last 110 years. Community commitment, value added relationships and top-notch customer service from associates that are invested in their communities are the building blocks for successful financial partnerships from a simple, single savings account to complex business portfolios. We're ready to serve you!

Explain Relationship Banking and how this concept would matter to me…

Relationships matter in our digital age where so much is accomplished through technology leaving human interactions as the difference makers. Community bankers are accessible and are excellent advisors to help navigate the financial landscape. Not to mention, in good times and bad, your banker is there to help you, your family and your business. 

Do you have comparable financial tools and products I am used to?

Heartland might be a community bank, but that does not mean that we can only service a small community. We have a robust suite of online services, 20 full-service locations in Central Ohio and Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, and associates that can accommodate a variety of needs too numerous to mention. The best part of switching to Heartland - you won't be known by a number...you can get to know your banker and when they get to know you, they can introduce you to the wide array of products and services available to not only individuals, but also to businesses and the unique needs of almost any industry in operation.

How does Heartland remain connected to the communities around me?

Heartland has been a family-owned business since 1988 when the founder, Tiney McComb, and a group of investors purchased The Croton Banking Company located in a small, rural Ohio farming community just outside of Columbus, Ohio. Tiney's son, Scott McComb, is the current president and CEO. Heartland has local roots and is proud to offer local decisions, local expertise and local relationships.

The dedication makes the difference, and we invite you to visit any of our 20 branch locations, contact info@heartland.bank or complete the switch kit at the link below to feel the difference the Heartland family can make!

Welcome to Heartland Bank, We're glad you're here!