#BigNews – check out our new logo!

Heartland Bank unveils a new logo in 2020


We are proud to take this opportunity to announce the development of a new logo for Heartland Bank. Two years ago, we set out to design a new logo for Heartland Planning Associates, our wealth management and financial planning group, and in so doing, created a brand image that had the ‘look’ of Heartland Bank, but with its own unique design. The logo was very well received, and we built on that HPA logo to create a new visual branding element for Heartland Bank. 

It’s an exciting time for us at Heartland Bank, and changes are happening everywhere. In addition to the new bank logo, we’ve also created a new logo for our parent company, Heartland BancCorp. The new symbol in our logos acknowledges these changes, shows our ability to adapt and represents our focus for the future.

The original Heartland Bank logo will now be referred to as our “Legacy Logo,” and it will still be visible in many places – we can’t forget where we came from! 


Family Brands

Why did we change our logo?

  • Due to Heartland’s upcoming expansion into the Northern Kentucky market and our current customer base in 50+ Ohio counties, it is no longer applicable to use a logo that features the Columbus, Ohio, skyline.
  • Speaking of the Columbus skyline, it’s changed both literally and figuratively since Heartland’s logo was created in 1988. Our people, our processes and our technology have changed too.
  • By introducing modern elements within the framework of our original logo, we are demonstrating that Heartland Bank is responding to the changing marketplace in Central Ohio and beyond.


We are humbled that our associates, along with our clients and our communities, have jointly participated in the growth that has ultimately contributed to this exciting rebrand. Finally, we are excited to bring meaning to this new image as a community bank that can be the world of difference in someone’s financial future. Brand Structure