Contactless Debit Cards

No touch – one tap and done!

Heartland Bank wants to keep you safe. Tap and pay, and you’re on your way! We are excited about this new feature to reduce the need to touch those extra items at checkout. Using radio-frequency identification, tap to pay when you see the contactless symbol.

Visa Tap to Pay

Here’s how it works:

  1. Look for the contactless symbol on the merchant’s device when you pay
  2. When prompted, hold your card above the curved, four-line contactless symbol
  3. Look for confirmation and approval by green light, beep or check mark

Note: Contactless cards still have the EMV chip and the magnetic stripe. This provides several options for payment at the merchant’s device. If the merchant is not contactless ready, you can continue to use the chip reader or swipe features.  


This feature can be utilized through your mobile wallet on your smartphone or with the new cards that are contactless enabled. Either way you pay, the transaction is secure, simple and germ free!


To order or replace your Contactless Debit Card, visit your local branch or call Client Services at (800) 697-0049. 

Contactless Card Front and Back

Tap to Pay