Provide updates to your subscriptions/services in one easy place!

CardSwap provides one simple access point to update your card on file wherever you pay - subscription and streaming services, eCommerce merchants, and more. This feature provides the ability for you to enter/update your Heartland Bank Credit or Debit card information and login credentials for your subscription services. The new preferred payment information is automatically tested and applied in real time across multiple services.

What are the benefits:
  • Manage your online subscriptions in one place
  • When your card expires, if the number changes after being lost or stolen, or when you open a new account or credit card, update the card information in one place at one time across multiple services
  • With over 55 online brands, CardSwap is convenient, easy and always adding new vendors!
How it works:
  • Go to CardSwap under Services in your Online Banking menu
  • Select Get Started
  • Choose the online retailers and subscriptions where you have an account
  • Enter your Heartland Bank card information - CardSwap is only available using your Heartland Bank debit or credit card
  • Enter your usernames and passwords for the services you want to link to CardSwap
  • The new preferred payment information is automatically tested and applied, and in 24 hours, these updates will be made to your selected services
  • Once you’ve established the connections, CardSwap will retain the link unless you change your username and/or password


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