Text Banking

The mobile banking option for those who love to text!

Is texting your thing, or maybe you just can’t make the switch to a smartphone? Heartland’s still got you covered!

  • Send a text message (Short Message Service or SMS) to request information about your balances and recent transactions
  • You’ll receive a text message reply with your most up-to-date account details

Text Banking Guide

MS texting requires each account in Online Banking to have a nickname. When creating nicknames, use only alpha and numeric characters.


Enabling Accounts for Text Banking: 

Go to the Account Peferences page to enable and provide nicknames for the accounts you want to use for Text Banking.


Using Text Banking: 

Send any of the commands below to 226563 (message and data rates may apply). For easier access and added security, please add this code to your contacts.


Text Banking Commands: 





Provides balances for all accounts that are enabled for Text Banking

BAL account nickname

Provides the balance for the specified account. Example: BAL acct1

HIST account nickname

Provides account history for the specified account. Example: HIST acct1

XFER account nickname1 account nickname2 amount

Transfer the specified amount from one account 1 to account 2. Example: XFER acct1 acct2 100.00


Sends a list of text banking commands


Sends a list of contact points for the bank


Stops all further text message communications

NOTE: With use of Mobile Banking, standard text messaging and data rates may apply. SMS texting format = COMMAND(space)<Account Nickname> (Example: BAL Main). COMMAND = SMS message action identifier. Text HELP to 226563 for help. Text STOP to 226563 to cancel.  Receive one message per query.

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