uChoose Rewards

Let us reward you

Using our credit card has its rewards. Not only do we offer the convenience and security of a Visa® credit card, we reward you along the way. You can earn points on purchases made in the store and online. To register your card for rewards, go to uChoose Rewards® and enter your card information.

After your points start to accumulate, visit uChoose Rewards® and check out what you can redeem your points for – gift cards, merchandise, travel, event tickets, activities and even cash!

Earn points by:

  • Simply using your card to shop
  • Shopping with participating retailers
  • Shopping online with participating retailers

Access, track and redeem in several ways:

Once you've logged into Online Banking, click services, view credit card, select account, and then click the uChoose Rewards® link in the bottom left corner to be taken to the uChoose portal.

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