Overdraft Protection Services

Protecting your accounts when an overdraft happens!

Forget something? We’ve all been there – forgot about that check you wrote last week, forgot to check your balance before going to the store – checking account balance errors are possible. With Heartland Bank’s Overdraft Protection on your account, these mistakes can be managed without returning your overdrawn checks.  We even have an option to request Automatic Transfers for those unfortunate 'oops' events! 

Still have questions? We have answers:

  • For accounts that qualify, you are given the option of $100 Overdraft Protection limit
  • We will consider, without obligation on our part, payment of your reasonable overdrafts, up to your Overdraft Protection limit, on the following types of transactions - checks, automatic bill payments, electronic transfers, preauthorized automatic debits, ATM transactions (included for business accounts, consumer accounts must opt-in) and debit card purchases (included for business accounts, consumer accounts must opt-in)
  • Your account must be in good standing for this protection
  • Our Overdraft Protection is a non-contractual courtesy, not a loan, which we can withdraw at any time
  • Overdraft fee charged for paying an item when money isn't available in the account is $35.00 per item - no monthly fee
  • Notices of NSF will be mailed to clients – on occasions, we may call or send reminders
  • Any deposits to the account will automatically be applied to your overdraft balance with repayment expected immediately; depending on the situation, you may have up to 30 days to pay any overdraft balances 
  • If you exceed the Protection Limit, items may be returned not paid. The NSF Returned Item fee charged to return an item when money isn't available is $25 per item for Personal accounts and $35 per item for Non-Personal accounts*

  • If an outstanding overdraft ages for 10 days, we may suspend your overdraft protection
  • We have the right to revoke the overdraft protection if you cannot bring your account positive within 30 days


*Personal accounts only: The maximum daily overdraft and NSF Returned Item Fees is $175/day.