Community Reinvestment Act

Our community commitment in action

Heartland Bank abides by the CRA, or Community Reinvestment Act, passed by Congress in 1977. This Act encourages financial institutions to help meet the credit needs of the communities in which they operate.  Reports tabulating this information are periodically evaluated by examiners.

Areas that are examined:  available bank branches and services offered in low-to-moderate income communities, dispersal of small business and home mortgage loans in local areas, depth of a bank’s community development lending and the bank’s commitment to serving the local neighborhoods with financial education and volunteerism. 

Heartland Bank strives to provide banking services and financial products throughout the Central Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas and is proud to enable the growth of small businesses and promote investments to enhance affordable neighborhood housing.  We are committed to evaluating the communities we serve and are confident that we are providing programs and services to all individuals with a wide range of financial needs.

CRA Efforts

Money Matters Free Financial Summit

This initiative offers free, informative Focus on your Money seminars that cover several different personal financial topics. The wide range of topics includes How to Manage your Credit Card Debt, Understanding your Credit Report, Budgeting and Living within your Means and Ten Easy Ways to Save Each Month.  These classes, plus several more, teach attendees to better manage their finances and plan for the future.

Neighbors helping neighbors image