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We are busy people and so are you! We welcome your requests and have found that starting the conversation here is both easy and efficient. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any additional questions.

The Heartland Bank Community Foundation makes contributions to nonprofit organizations to fund widespread community impact programs and/or projects.The primary focus of giving centers around early childhood development and family enrichment. We prefer opportunities where the results are visible and measureable.

Sponsorships are monetary donations to nonprofit and/or for-profit organizations from which Heartland Bank receives promotional or marketing support. In exchange for sponsorship, Heartland Bank usually receives a marketing insert, banner, and/or advertising of some sort to promote new business, create a positive community presence and/or enhance a specific community relationship. If you represent an organization or program seeking sponsorship, let us know by submitting a Sponsorship Request Form, and we'll be in touch. Thank you in advance for your submission!


Looking for Support