Personal Unsecured Loans

Loans for your way of life

Unsecured personal loans are perfect for situations when you just want that extra something and you don’t want to wait to get it. We can give you the freedom and flexibility for that once-in-a-lifetime purchase, but we can also help you cover unplanned expenses or consolidate high interest debt into a more affordable monthly payment.

Intended to be a one-time disbursement of funds for a specific purpose, Heartland’s personal unsecured loans provide the convenience and security of a specified term with fixed monthly payments.


  • Fixed rates
  • Quick approval
  • No collateral requirement
  • Various terms available
  • Access loan and balance information through Online Banking
  • Payments options are convenient and easy to access
  • Interest rate discount of 0.25% with Auto Pay from a Heartland checking account

* Unsecured Personal loans are not backed by collateral, thus may carry a slightly higher interest rate than a loan secured with collateral and require an acceptable credit score. All loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Rates may vary depending on your credit score. To apply, you should have a satisfactory depository account established at our institution for at least 3 months.