Participation Lending

Bank Participations and Syndicated Loans

Participation lending is an option for you and for us. Heartland buys and sells participation loans to positively enhance our bottom line and yours. We strive to enrich the communities we serve through lending practices that enable even the larger projects to secure financing. Heartland is proud to assist with your portfolio.

Participation Loans - Sold

At Heartland Bank, our goal is to ensure that the loans we make to participating lenders are excellently rated, thus reassuring our customers that they are purchasing a credit that will positively enhance their portfolio. 

Benefits of purchasing participation loans from Heartland Bank:

  • Capital Utilization
  • Loan portfolio diversification
  • Financial performance improvement
  • Heartland retains a portion of participated loans

Participation Loans – Bought

We understand that your loan customers are counting on you to get their funding approved.  Heartland Bank is here to assist when your customers’ credit needs surpass your lending limit. We can partner with you, as an extension of your loan department, to jointly fund the loans that require you to go above and beyond. Consequently, you maintain your relationships with your customers, in addition to attracting new clients based on the ability to lend larger amounts.

Benefits of selling your loans to Heartland Bank:

  • Heartland is not in competition with you
  • Current relationships are maintained
  • Fulfill credit needs of your best customers in partnerships with us
  • Expand your lending capabilities to potentially attract new clients

Improve your bank’s financial performance, while meeting the credit needs of your best customers!

Stuart SchlossStuart J. Schloss


Senior Vice President
Director of Loan Syndication

Stuart joined Heartland Bank in 2005 as a Commercial Loan Processor. With a focused career path and customer dedication, Stuart was soon promoted to the position of Commercial Relationship Manager where he has devoted the last nine years at Heartland. In 2017, Stuart accepted a promotion for a new position at Heartland Bank as Director of Loan Syndication. In this role, he is responsible for the buying and selling of all Heartland Bank's participation loans. Stuart holds a bachelor's degree in business management from Cleveland State University. He has also attended the Commercial, Mortgage and Consumer Lending Institutes through the Community Bankers Association of Ohio.