Mortgage Rates

Heartland’s Current Mortgage Rates

You may be considering a home loan of some sort, but you’re just not there yet with your financing decision. If rates are your hold-up, our rates speak for themselves – but what they won’t reflect is our customer service commitment and quick, easy loan process.

Enjoy a combination of great rates, personal service and a fast turn-around time with your Heartland Bank experience and even better, the realization of your dream of home ownership. Review our rates chart and know that we are here for you when you are ready – quality information to guide your decision is our goal!

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Rates effective as of  

Fixed Rates

1-4 Family
Loan Type Rate APR1 Monthly Payment Per $1,000
15 Year (5% - 20% Down) 4.500% 4.719% $7.65
30 Year (5% - 20% Down) 4.500% 4.625% $5.06


10 year Fixed Rate Refinance
Description Rate APR2 Monthly Payment Per $1,000
Refinance Only, Flat origination fee of $350.
80% maximum LTV
3.990% 4.082% $10.13

Adjustable Rates

1-4 Family
30 year maximum term. Caps: 2% per change, 6% lifetime3
Loan Type Rate APR1 (based on 30-year term) Monthly Payment Per $1,000
7/1 ARM 4.5% 5.119% $5.07
10/1 ARM 4.625% 5.008% $5.14



Jumbo and Non-Conforming Loans available: Loans that exceed the conforming loan limits set by the FHFA.  Call for current rates at 614-552-0511.

Construction Loans: Construction-to-Permanent and Construction-to-Permanent Renovation loans with single closings.  Call for current rates at 614-552-0511

Bridge Loan: Short term loan to bridge the borrower over to permanent financing.  5.365 APR and 4.75% fixed interest rate for 12 months term - based on a $100,000.00 loan amount and credit score above 700. Balloon Payment is due at maturity.

Lot Loans:  Land loans to start the financing process.  5.592% APR and 5.50% fixed interest rate - amortized up to 15 years with a 5 year balloon - based on a $75,000 loan amount and credit score above 700.


All lending products are subject to review and approval.

Payments - Payments do not include amount for property taxes and insurance premiums. The actual payment amount will be greater.

Insurance - Must be carried on the real property securing the loan.

Rates are subject to change at any time.  You may call 614-552-0511 or 800-697-0049 for current rates.

1Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculations: These APRs are based on $100,000.00 loan amount, 80% Loan to Value (LTV), include applicable points, $750.00 loan processing fee, $250.00 settlement fee, $11.00 life of loan flood certification, $75.00 appraisal processing fee, and $100 verification of employment processing fee.

2Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculations: These APRs are based on $85,000.00 loan amount, 80% Loan to Value (LTV). Flat origination fee of $350.00 is charged.

3ARM Information: ARM Index - Weekly average yield on United State Treasury securities adjusted to a constat maturity of one year, as made available by the Federal Reserve Board. Index value of 1.1111% released 23/06/2017. ARM Rates - 7/1 ARM Information shown pertains to the initial seven years of the loan and adjusts anually thereafter: 10/1 ARM Information showsn pertains to the intial ten years of the loan and adjusts annualy thereafter.