Virtual Safe

Next level of cash management

Effectively manage your cash deposits while adapting to the ever-changing needs of your business. Virtual Safe provides important benefits to cash intensive businesses such as convenience stores and restaurants. Installed at point of sale or back office, Heartland’s Virtual Safe virtually eliminates discrepancies, reduces theft and shrinkage and saves staff from time-consuming tasks such as counting and auditing cash. 

  • Improve Loss Prevention - Virtual Safe controls the entire cash management process, virtually eliminating exposure to internal and external theft.
  • Increase Productivity - Free staff from performing time-intensive, noncore operating tasks such as counting cash, researching discrepancies and preparing deposits.
  • Information Visibility - Enhanced reporting provides immediate verification of deposits, helping you audit cash activity by store, shift or cashier.
  • Consolidate Currency - We can help you consolidate deposits to a single Heartland Bank account, saving you time and management expenses.

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Cash is deposited into the vault at the customer location by customer or designated person, daily file is sent to Heartland Bank with all deposit amounts in the vault, total deposit amount applied to customer's account, scheduled pick-up by Brinks to retrieve physical cash from vault at customer location, cash from vault processed and verified for accuracy

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