Celebrating the Agribusiness Team and Their Chickens!

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With National Poultry Day being highlighted on March 19th, Heartland’s Agribusiness team is not only passionate about partnering with local poultry experts, but they also own a few birds of their own. What better way to understand the needs of their clients than by actually being involved in the same farm activities as many of them – a win, win for the team!

Lincoln Construction – Building a Business with a Family Foundation

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Family businesses enjoy unique dynamics. Not only are the family members able to understand underlying traits and idiosyncrasies, the balance created by familial relationships is distinctive and reliable. Lincoln Construction was built from within and shares this quality with Heartland Bank.

The Spotlight is on Jacob Meade

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Heartland is dedicated to highlighting its associates and providing an avenue for them to share their background, thoughts and most of all, their Heartland story. Nearly every associate has a Heartland story of some kind, and it is Heartland’s goal to encourage its associates to share these stories with clients and friends. Jacob Meade is in the spotlight this month, and his story is an inspiration.