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What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?

Thursday, November 30, 2017/Categories: Heartland Bank

For some, this is a quick, easy answer. For others, they could fill a book. For Heartland Bank, we can answer in two words...our associates!

Associates are an asset - an asset to most every business. At Heartland, we want to make sure our associates are appreciated assets that have input, voices and respect. We can’t imagine a better way to show all of these than with a state-of-the-art corporate center tasked to provide comfort and convenience to all associates, at all levels, whether located in the new corporate center or in one of our branches.

Outside amenities for associate comfort was a primary consideration of the plan during the discussion phase: what can we offer that we can’t offer currently, how can we add to the health of the mind and body, and is it possible to improve the daily work life? The answer to these was an outdoor space that promotes leisurely lunch walks, team meetings in the fresh air, lunch outside at tables in the summer sun and meditating quietly in a perennial garden devoted to the founder’s wife, Helena McComb.

Another initiative promoting the well-being of our associates is a fitness center onsite with full locker rooms, group classes and access for all Heartland Bank associates. This area was designed with associate input – from what fitness equipment would be nice to have along with the array of classes associates would like to see offered on a continual basis.

Collaborative atmospheres and casual congregating areas, along with a fully stocked coffee bar, add functionality and provide a change of scenery to spark creative juices and initiate brainstorming to solve even the most challenging issues and complexities of the business banking world. All workstations will have adjustable height desks to allow users to stand or move the desk to a comfortable position for their height. An up-to-date training area should encourage all associates to travel to the corporate center for classes and courses in the newly designed, fully-automated training and development facility. Providing the tools and atmosphere for success was the ultimate goal during the design phase of the interior of this building that will function as the second home to nearly 107 Heartland Bank associates.

Ultimately, Heartland Bank would like to keep the great associates that it now has, encourage new talent to take an interest in us, and keep these amazing assets for years to come. Realizing that “thanks” is not always enough, Heartland Bank has gone above-and-beyond to provide its associates with a modern, comfortable work environment and inspiring atmosphere, providing “thanks” to its associates on a daily basis.