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The Spotlight is on Jacob Meade

The Spotlight is on Jacob Meade

Wednesday, March 1, 2023/Categories: Employee Spotlight

Heartland is dedicated to highlighting its associates and providing an avenue for them to share their background, thoughts and most of all, their Heartland story. Nearly every associate has a Heartland story of some kind, and it is Heartland’s goal to encourage its associates to share these stories with clients and friends. Jacob Meade is in the spotlight this month, and his story is an inspiration.

Jacob’s career at Heartland started as a Universal Banker at the Westerville location. In this role, he performed customer service duties while developing relationships with clients to understand their individual needs. With a background in criminology and interest in fraud and security, it might seem like an odd fit for Jacob to open client accounts and perform banking transactions. He had to start somewhere, so he was excited to be in the door and learning about Heartland.

“Being in the spotlight, I want to say thanks to Heartland. I have received opportunities here that most any other company would never have given me,” shared Jacob. Within 2 years of working at Heartland, he had the opportunity to transition to Bank Security Act (BSA) officer, a role much closer to his desired career path. “My current job is BSA Officer; my primary responsibility is to oversee and ensure that the bank remains compliant with the entirety of the BSA Program. I am most proud of achieving my Certified BSA/AML Professional (CBAP) certification through the ICBA.”

With this increased responsibility, Jacob is empowered to make a difference within his department. “My goals for my future with the bank are to continue to grow the BSA Program and grow with Heartland,” said Jacob. As the bank continues to grow, Heartland invests in associates who also see the potential for growth and are onboard to ensure the clients are provided the best service and value possible.

Jacob has learned to appreciate how much Heartland actually does care about its clients. “Well, we’ve all heard the commercial by now with Scott really is where banking feels good! And it’s because we practice what we preach, and we care.” Jacob reiterates a thought and feeling that many associates share in their spotlights – it’s more than just a job at Heartland.

Even with his commitment to his career, Jacob is cognizant of after-work priorities. Born, raised and still living in a small town north of Columbus, he is committed to his family and his community. “My wife and I recently had our first child, Kennedy Sue, and it’s been an amazing experience so far, and I’m very excited to see what the future holds. Becoming a father has taught me that time moves way too quick, so I just want to slow down and enjoy my surroundings, my family, my friends and be thankful for where I already am.”

Jacob tries to do his part within his community by assisting his local church with raising money for the Philippines and funds for expectant mothers in need. “I have gone on two mission trips to El Salvador and Haiti. I also volunteered for my local school as a basketball coach for 6th grade.”

Jacob’s lighthearted side shines through daily as he often quotes Dwight Schrute from the Office and shares with his teammates the trials and tribulations of the unsuspecting birds at his bird feeders being pillaged by savage squirrels in his backyard. He loves the outdoors and the critters that visit. His associate neighbors in the office also like to have fun with him – for a recent Have Fun at Work Day, they all dressed like him in plaid flannels, jeans and fake beards.

Heartland is proud of associates like Jacob and routinely shares their Heartland stories. Whether you’re looking for a new career, a new banking home or a new financial planning team, come on over to Heartland, where banking really feels good!