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Taking Care of our Associates so They Can Take Care of You!

Sunday, November 20, 2016/Categories: Heartland Bank

Photo of Two Heartland Bank Employees in the ParkHeartland Bank is committed to creating a work environment that recognizes its associates for their dedication and commitment to our organization and our clients. As the holidays approach, we pause to give thanks to all of the hard working associates that ensure we are delivering the products and services that help our clients navigate through those life events, whether it be planning for retirement, starting or expanding a business or purchasing a home (just to name a few).

Taking care of our associates so they can take care of you is important to Heartland Bank. We do this through some very unique offerings such as a mortgage rate reduction program, paid maternity/paternity leave and a robust wellness program which help us keep minds and bodies healthy! In addition to these programs, we offer a dynamic training program and one-on-one coaching opportunities with our associates as well as individual development plans to help chart out each associates’ growth and career potential.

New this year is the FOR→U Program. This “Focus on Rejuvenation” platform allows an opportunity for officers (AVP and higher) to take four weeks of paid time away from the office as a strategic career pause. Because our supervising and business development officers spend so much time working with their teams during business hours and then with their clients on evenings and weekends, we designed this sabbatical time for self-reflection and rejuvenation.

For Heartland Bank, there are also many benefits of the For→U Program, including an increase in employee engagement by integrating personal goals and corporate sustainability, brand strengthening by differentiating ourselves in the industry and increasing awareness of Heartland Bank as an employer of choice, increasing client loyalty through nurturing associates in a unique, holistic way, and creating an opportunity to live the shared values of our organization. We also look forward to having our officers contribute to a culture of collaboration and trust through the creation of a strong work coverage process.

What does all of this mean to our clients? We are committed to taking care of our associates so that they can take care of YOU!

Thank you and happy holidays from our family to yours! #FeelGoodBanking