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Rees Flowers and Fine Gifts

Rees Flowers and Fine Gifts

Wednesday, July 3, 2019/Categories: Customer Stories

Floral arrangements might not be a hot topic today, but when a major life event presents itself, you’ll probably find yourself wondering what your options are and who you can call. Rees Flowers banks on fulfilling the needs of its customers during these life-defining moments and partners with Heartland Bank to ensure that they can continue to provide quality and consistency in their floral designs for years to come.

With 41 years in business, Rees Flowers and Fine Gifts has been a cornerstone of the Gahanna community for most of that time as their initial shop was located in Whitehall for only a few years. This family owned business believes in establishing roots, both in the community and with the family. Mike Rees bought the business from his father and mother, Gayle and Donna, after growing up with the sights, sounds and aromas of the floral business. At just 12 years old, Mike was intrigued by the work of his parents and contributed whenever he could.

Eventually, Mike worked beside his dad daily, learning all aspects of the business. Over the recent years, Mike would recognize that his father and mother were nearing retirement. Rather than waiting to inherit the business, Mike felt he should secure financing to solidify his ownership and help create a secure nest egg for his parents for retirement.  As a result, with the full support of his wife Diana, they both decided to purchase the business, allowing Mike’s father and mother to retire and help out on an as-needed basis.

Not wasting any time, Mike knew he needed to secure financing. After the bank he was first considering came back with answers like, “we should be able to” and “maybe in this range,” he knew at least one other person to contact. He called Scott McComb, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Heartland Bank, banking on the relationship he had developed with him over the years in the Gahanna community. Scott put him in touch with Kelly Law, VP, Commercial Relationship Manager. “With Kelly, everything was straightforward and he was easy to work with.  He presented many different options and helped with retaining the best financing opportunities that would be best suited to my needs."  

“Rees Flowers has been a part of the Gahanna community for many years and Heartland Bank is pleased to partner with Mike Rees at Rees Flowers and Fine Gifts,” said Kelly Law as he shared his experience with Mike that emphasizes the value of community partnerships for the strength of businesses and community members.

Mike has two sons and a daughter that could potentially step-up to continue the tradition, but he respects their individuality and is not pushing them in any specific direction. His hopes for the future seem geared toward his daughter, but his older sons help out as needed during school breaks. Staffing is a constant struggle; however, he does have two dedicated, talented associates currently and is looking to fill several more positions. Ultimately, family ties bind the business as Mike’s parents have even stepped in for Mike’s family to take vacations when staffing is short.

Like Rees Flowers and Fine Gifts, Heartland Bank values family-owned businesses. Heartland has a proud history built on family ties – Scott’s father, Tiney, founded Heartland after purchasing the Croton Bank in 1911, and Scott’s daughter, Kailyn, is currently the Assistant Manager at the Clintonville Branch. Heartland has 16 branches that are always ready to treat you like family. Stop by any of our branch locations to become part of the Heartland family!