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Recognizing the Success of Morrison Sign Company

Recognizing the Success of Morrison Sign Company

Sunday, May 21, 2017/Categories: Customer Stories, Products & Services

Image of CNC Router with Newly Made SignsAt 15 years old, when Dave Morrison landed his first job at a local sign shop, he would have no way of knowing that he’d found his life’s calling. He would have no way of knowing that he also would share this dream with his brother Doug and his children as they would together run a successful sign company and a prosperous family business.

After ten years at his first job, Dave founded Morrison Sign Company in a garage space barely big enough for a truck. “Back then, signs were hand-lettered and their quality was based upon the personal skill of the installer,” he said. With current digital printing technology, however, the process has become more accurate while being easier, faster and less expensive for consumers. The sign making process and Dave’s business have come a long way since 1979.

Today, Morrison Sign Company is an innovative provider of a wide array of sign products, displays and wide-format printing. They operate out of a 56,000 sq ft state of the art production facility in Hilliard. With years of experience, Morrison’s associates provide seamless project management that includes not just production, but also design, engineering, site surveys and permit acquisition. It’s no longer just about the lettering on a truck!

Shortly after Dave opened Morrison Sign, he was in the market for an expensive piece of sign-making equipment and approached Heartland Bank founder, Tiney McComb, about a small business loan. “Tiney approved our loan request after visiting me at my little shop and watching as we positioned the individual letters on a Coca Cola truck,” Dave said. “Shortly thereafter, he financed the mortgage on our first production facility. I was impressed that the president of a bank would take the time to personally visit with me and take a pretty big chance on a young man.”

Commitment to community is a common thread that runs through both Heartland Bank and Morrison Sign Company. According to G. Scott McComb, Heartland’s Chairman, President and CEO, “David is the classic entrepreneur and has been for almost 40 years. He knows and delivers value to his clients, and desires the same from his bank. He is also a very benevolent man that supports many charities, including the Heartland Bank Charity Golf Classic for over 18 years. ”With Morrison Sign Company’s support, the following children’s charities received financial support from the Golf Classic in 2016 - Masonic Learning Centers for Children with Dyslexia, Ohio 4-H Celebration of Youth, Wyatt Adkins Heart Organization, Victory Ministries for Children’s Outreach Program, CD102.5 for the Kids Foundation and Lifetown Lessons for Life. Dave and his team at Morrison support this event every year by donating the custom-branded signage, a charity golf tournament staple.

Outside the sign business, Dave is very involved in a variety of children’s charities through his time spent with the Mercator Club of Columbus. The club uses Morrison’s warehouse as a home base during their annual spring trash bag, leaf bag and seal wrap sale where Dave is happy to receive the product, organize the routes and store the product until delivery. As a 28 year member of the Mercator Club of Columbus, Dave enjoys the weekly meetings for lunch and fellowship, and he has the opportunity to interact with approximately 100 members of various businesses in central Ohio.

Business success and community success have gone hand-in-hand for both Heartland and Morrison Signs. Not only are they a valued banking partner, Morrison Signs partners with the community much like Heartland Bank has always been an active participant within the communities we serve. Not sure if you’re happy with your current banking partnership and maybe you question their commitment to community? Visit a Heartland branch and maybe you can experience a life-changing event like Dave Morrison!