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Ray Ray’s Hog Pit and Heartland - a Match Made in Hog Heaven!

Ray Ray’s Hog Pit and Heartland - a Match Made in Hog Heaven!

Monday, November 13, 2017/Categories: Customer Stories

According to Ray Ray’s website, “Barbecue is easy to find. Real barbecue isn’t.” Real partners in the financial world are not always easy to find either. For Ray Ray’s, a financial partner with commitment to their customer and willingness to go above-and-beyond was definitely not an easy find or quick decision. Fortunately, Heartland Bank was that perfect match and Ray Ray’s is proud to share their story.

Ray Ray’s launched their business in a food truck in the Clintonville area in 2009. A modest beginning, but completely understandable as Ray Ray’s founder, James Anderson, reiterates that it’s all about the consistency of good meat…whether it’s from a food truck, small drive-though or walk up window at their current locations in the Columbus area. With several small, but mighty convenient locations, James’ right-hand-employee, Catering and HR Manager Valerie Belt, admits that they don’t want “growth for growth’s sake.” James is committed to slow, sustainable, pure and safe growth. He has no interest in fast and unhealthy growth as his belief is in the BBQ – an old fashioned, pure, slow trade.

Fast forward to this week and Ray Ray’s can’t put the brakes on as they become a feature on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri on Food Network during an episode entitled “College Town Champs.” The show visits their barbeque location in Clintonville and their farm, Anderson Farms, in Granville, Ohio. Up for inspection is their dry rubbed ribs and Mangalista brat burger – both bound to be a Fieri favorite!

Slow growth might be their goal, but great BBQ can’t wait as evidenced by their recent announcement of their third location at Land Grant Brewing Company. Their food truck will be available at this Franklinton location from Thursday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. “I’m really excited to cook and serve my food down in Franklinton, right beside the best craft beer,” says Ray Ray’s Owner, James Anderson. “I love being part of the growth in such a cool part of town, and I feel at home here.”

Natalie Hay, Commercial Relationship Manager in Pickerington, was the catalyst and connection for this BBQ and Banking relationship and all parties can’t wait to see what the future holds. As Ray Ray’s increases their presence within the Central Ohio market, they rely on their relationship with Heartland Bank where you’re not just an account number, you’re a business, a person and a partner!

Just like Ray Ray’s BBQ, Heartland serves up consistent and focused service for every business to succeed. Visit one of our 14 Central Ohio locations today and check out why we’re your partner in the heartland!